So this is what it takes to knock Obama’s brewing scandal off the front page?

“Why is it every time we are getting the dems close to being on the ropes there’s an active shooting?” – Michelle’sBigBeaver

This was an email to me and it’s very cynical… cynicism that I agree with.

I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, but the Parkland High School shooting will now dominate the news cycle, purposely, in hopes that Susan Rice/Brennan/Obama/Comey will disappear.

The shooter (not confirmed but suspected) is named Nikolas Cruz.


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  1. Maybe the mass murderer simply concluded that the kids in the govt indoctrination and conditioning center (a/k/a “school”) would be better off dead. That would be evil and wrong on all counts, but I could understand the thought process.

    I’d rather not have any mass murders at all, but if we can’t avoid them why can’t we have them on Capitol Hill where they would do some good?

  2. And the usual suspects are after the NRA, Guns, White Males with guns, etc. That guy doesn’t look white to me. Any minute now the Libtard Politicians will be screaming for more control. Of course they send their kids and Grand Kids to private schools with armed security. The shooter probably needed more adderall.

  3. People in Florida toll me that school was a great school but now is full of illegal aliens the SOB was not registered in that school. I don’t now if he is a drop out loser .

  4. Perhaps it’s too much to expect those investigating the fuckery in DC to continue their jobs rather than drop everything and binge watch CNN.

    Diverting the public doesn’t accomplish much. The public has about zip for influence on what goes on in any part of DC.

  5. AAAAAAAND ONCE AGAIN…the perp was a known threat, was “asked to leave” the school and “not allowed with a backpack.”

    A known threat per the article.

  6. I’m getting concerned that by the time we Jail Clinton / Obama/ Soros and Rockefeller, everyone will already be Dead and we won’t get to enjoy it .

  7. I think the shooting also saved Senator Jack Reed Drunk- Rhode Island from some embarrassment. I don’t know the Senate handles drunks, but a police officer would be suspended or fired.

  8. “Diverting the public doesn’t accomplish much.”

    True. Over the past few years it seems the media can’t keep attention focused on distractions like this one (genuine or engineered is another question) the way they used to…probably because they’ve been losing money and have to keep reigniting the news cycle to keep up with the competition. Which, given how things used to be, is a good thing if the BS machine is starting to sputter and stall out.

  9. The school is full of dreamers . That school was a good school until this illegal aliens invade the school now the school capacity is close to 3,000 . Most of them are Hispanic.

  10. What ya’ wanna’ bet he is a malicious, maladjusted malcontent and has been most of his life and everyone who knows the son-of-a-bitch has known it since he was in three cornered pants.

  11. Well, the shooting was in a democrat voting area in a school where the teachers donated overwhelmingly to Hillary and the mentally ill shooter was a future democrat voter because everyone knows liberalism is a mental disease so at least they’re keeping it in the family.

  12. This is the direct fault of the DNC and Obama/Clinton for protecting bullys and forcing schools not to kick them out. This daca criminal was reinstated to the school by demorat judges and liberal policy that demands daca gangsters be placed in classrooms up until the age of 29 years old.

  13. Shooter was first described by the police dispatcher as a “white male”. Just heard his name is Nicholas Cruze (spelling?). Another White Hispanic I guess.

  14. Outdoorjohn

    The only thing we have in our favor right now is every one associated with that school knew this guy was a whack job. There will be law suits

  15. If they can ban the southern battle flag cuz that little turd weazel in Charleston pised with one, shouldnt be “fair” to ban all things “commie”?
    I dont want to be triggered and fear for my safety whenever i see that!
    (I already get concerned whenever i see a hammer…)

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