So, What Are Your Thoughts On the Convention?

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  1. The Donald’s make up looks better blended than I have seen at other appearances. No golden raccoon eyes when he introduced Melania.

    Melania-pretty lady. If she’s First Lady will she make the same Most Beautiful Lists as Meechell?

    Note. No Boob Belt on Mrs. Trump.

  2. My Dad just texted me about Trump’s silhouetted entrance:

    “I know! What a fuckin entrance. Now I’ve got some wood!”

  3. I surfed it, didn’t camp out in front of it. Ducked out for the Feherty/Trump interview. Rudy was good. The boys from Benghazi were good.

    @Illustr8r Boob belt? I thought she earned those winning WWF championships.

  4. Loved the intro and the Benghazi tribute (if a bit long) but it’s starting to drag
    And I’m watching on CSPAN.
    WTF notes:
    GE Smith and his wedding music band.
    Bob Dole with his pants literally near his nipples. Who crafted that shot?
    Most people in their seats have no idea how stupid they look on their phones.
    Melania’s speech – hostage statement, written for to say.
    Guliani’s shouting
    CSPAN dwelled on ONE demonstrator. One.

  5. Did anyone catch a glimpse of the little gnome from codepink with the “refugees welcome” sign?

    She was all alone.
    Very sad.
    No wonder she’s looking for love from all the wrong rapists.

  6. CNN gave a great review for Melania… and along comes S.E. Friggin Cupp to give it a flat review, saying Melania didn’t talk about Donald as a husband. ??????
    Wtf is she babbling about?

    CNN said Melania hit a home run.
    They were roundly impressed with her, save for S.E. Cupp.

    They said Donald’s entrance was “swaggerrific.”

  7. I have to keep going back and forth between Right Side and CNN on line. Voice is on “loud” on TV C-span in other room. Can’t link to C-span on my PC.

  8. Marcus Lattrell was good – Glenn Beck used to have him on his radio show a lot – but apparently, he didn’t get suckered into Beck’s insanity.

  9. Imagine a First Lady who is proud to be an American.

    Bob Dole is my mother’s age and she’s been dead for 14 years.

  10. I don’t know how anyone that listened to Pat Smith and Mr Shaw could make light or make fun of this election . Raw genuine pain for along us to see for gods sake if this didn’t get to you god help

  11. I was hoping it was going to open with site security giving an impromptu performance of “Ow, my balls,” on Stephen Colbert.

    Maybe followed up with some face-stomping.

  12. If the energy level builds from tonight it’s a big hit. It’ll be YUGE. Honestly I think there’s more emery tonight than there was four years ago.

  13. May Gun Kelly just can’t stop giggling. She’s a flake. Her interview with that black racist sucked.
    David Clark was on key.
    I missed the David Faherty/Trump interview.

  14. SE Cupp must have had her head too far up her ass during Melania’s speech or else she was doing drugs in the women’s room.

    What is a word for beyond despicable? I need it to describe little Chrissy Matthews.

  15. I am in Mexico, so I can only watch on Fox at hotel..had to hit the mute when Megyn and the dipshit panel talked.

    Bob Dole at 93 years in a few days and has more class than all the Bushes combined. Elizabeth was there with him.

    We get a real upgrade for First Lady with Malania. She loves the country.

    I liked Sheriff Clark…I wish he would have called BLM White House sponsored terrosts, but he made his point

    Missed most of the generals speach, but I did hear him call BHO & Hilliary incompetent.

    Never Trump crowd needs a caning….I wish they would STFU.
    Wish they could be kicked out.

  16. I’m still watching…Joni Earnst on right now…

    I told Menderwoman that when I am Bob Dole’s age, just wheel me to the nearest bright light and tell me I am there, but don’t you ever actually bring me there if I am wearing my pants up to my tits!!!

  17. I think one of the major disconnects of the people dissatisfied with the candidates on this year’s ticket is that they think Hillary is just a liberal, with Trump being indistinguishable from her.

    I consider this a failing on my part.
    How anyone that has been following this blog can think or believe that Hillary and ANY OTHER CANDIDATE you can name is one in the same, is simply astonishing.

    Please, please get your heads right.

    I can’t shoot Hillary, so what else can I do to stop her but vote against her and try to shake some of my fellow conservatives out of their hypnosis?

    You have to be under some sort of spell to think that Hillary is an acceptable outcome because Trump is the alternative.
    Hillary is a corrupt, shitpile, liar, incompetent, dangerous, elitist shrew who is as scandal ridden as any politician who has ever hit the American scene. She is a sneak, a snake and is married to an all-time sleaze.

    Is there anyone testifying at the Democratic convention that can say that Donald Trump killed their kid?
    Is there anyone over there testifying that Trump did ANYTHING to them other than disappointed them at the Trump University?

    This is becoming ABSURD.

    Hillary must be destroyed.

  18. BFH, Just to be clear, I am not voting for Trump for his voting record, I am begrudgingly voting for him because he is not Hiliary. I have always been #NeverHillary. Maybe his speech Thursday night will make me a proud supporter, but…..

  19. Hillary spent yesterday pandering to the plantation negroes at the NAACP convention in Cincinnati.
    She denounced white folk.
    She said she would solve the problems that the lazy brotha in the White House failed to solve because he was on colored people time.

  20. Menderman, I so want to give you a TU because you said you are voting for him, but dang, man, why’d you have to go and use the word begrudgingly. 🙂 Oh heck, I will give you a begrudging TU.

  21. Mortgages for the masses–I don’t remember seeing Elizabeth Dole at all-the brunette with Dole was Judy Guiliani.

  22. @ Mendermen

    You’re welcome. Hope we can celebrate good happenings together even before he’s completed his first year in office.

  23. Is that a full moon tonight?
    No wonder SE Spitcup and Chrissy Matthews are acting like the lunatic asylum rolled into 2 people.

  24. Best one liner by Melania Trump: “He’s the guy.” (Said with an insider’s narrowing of the eyes and a slight head bob.)

    Just between me and thee (all), I wanted The Donald to take her in his arms, dip her and plant a long, lusty kiss on her lips. Show them sexually repressed progressives how “it’s” done.

    Oh my! And that Trump entrance! All of a sudden he’s the Man From U.N.C.L.E. — “United Network Command for Law and Enforcement”

  25. Melania was more of a First Lady tonight then Sasquatch has been in the accumulation of the last 7 1/2 years. A great family too. I can’t wait to have her in the White House.

  26. So far I’ve missed everything, and I’m likely going to miss everything until Thursday. I’ll check in every night for updates so keep them coming.

  27. I give up. What does the Chinese writing mean that a few keep posting in the comments??? And it gets thumbs down — how does anyone know what it means?

    I loved Melania’s speech!!! And Trumps entrance was awesome!!!

  28. The thumbs down is a Chinese widget.
    It’s the only widget I could find that had a simple up and down vote.

    When someone’s comment gets downvoted enough it hides the comment and says, in Chinese, Rating too low to display comment.

    If you click the writing you will see the comment.

  29. Saw the giant “Hillary For Prison 2016” banner they apparently hung between two skyscrapers. But I had to watch a long infowars video in order to see it. Aerial view from a small plane. They should have photos of that banner all over the place.

    I missed the convention. Won’t miss the general election, though.

  30. @ Unruly,

    Some of the highlight speeches of the convention can be found on Youtube in the “up next” column, right next to this link of Trumps walk on intro of Melania.

    Make sure you watch Rudy Giuliani’s speech. I’m going to watch it over instead of hitting a 2nd cup of coffee in the a.m. 🙂

  31. Oh, and Giuliani. Yeah. A Fire and Brimstone preacher of the highest caliber, filled with the Holy Ghost and stomping the Devil couldn’t outdo him tonight. And I’ve seen many such a preacher!

  32. Giuliani really nailed Clinton: “Who would trust Hillary to protect them?”

    That quote would make a great Trump bumper sticker. You could never fit, on a bumper sticker, all the people that died because of that evil bitch.

  33. Pj Beetle Melania, Beetle Mania. Closer than just two letters.

    I’m assuming you remember Beetle Mania.

  34. Best convention in years. Bold. Unafraid.
    They’re saying things we in the regular world have been shouting for years!
    More non politicians than politicians is a good thing too.

  35. I’m so sick of the MSM and PBS cutting off the speakers after they start tearing into Hillary. The cBS teasing to cut to a Hillary speech after Melania. I hit the off button on the remote.
    That CP ‘lone protestor’ looks so enthused to be there, must be a paid actor.

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