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Social Engineering and Obama’s Diversity Brown Shirts


Diogenes’MiddleFinger: If you’re a white male looking to advance your career or make more money for your family, it may have just gotten harder. Claiming women aren’t getting paid enough, the Obama Administration PC Police want to make it easier to accuse employers of gender discrimination and hit them with class-action lawsuits.

New regulations proposed last week will require all employers with 100 or more workers to report how much their workforce is paid,broken down by race and gender. The rule slated to go into effect in September 2017 will cause headaches for employers and anyone, man or woman, who works hard and expects to get ahead based on merit.  more here

11 Comments on Social Engineering and Obama’s Diversity Brown Shirts

  1. “Nice business you got here. Be a shame if something happened to it.”

  2. Thank you Obama voters!

    Even with extreme competence and intellect, this administration could NOT have devised a better plan to screw all good citizens in the ass.

    We are now on our 8th year of this numbskull, and we are doing a terrific job of failing on all fronts, kissing the butts of our enemies, insulting good Christians while sucking up to Islam, apologizing for the greatness of America.

    Almost 100,000,000 out of work. SHAMEFUL!!!!!!

    And every day we have to be smacked in the head by this arrogant, pencil-necked, jug-eared faggot!

    What a radically wrong turn.

    Hide your empty heads in shame!

  3. Let him totally destroy everything but don't hurt his feelings

    Could that blasphemous, thieving, imbecilic, cross-dressing impostor, who spends his time golfing, drugging, fornicating and free-loading….
    …make me despise him any more than I have for the last 8 years ?!

  4. I’d report I employ 1 of everybody, and pay them each $70,000.

  5. Surprise, I didn’t know that there were still enough white males employed to be reported on! Take for instance the administration! Once you take into account Lurch and that little prick doing the press propaganda (official lies) there aren’t any more white guys
    to be found!

  6. September 2017 you say? So President Cruz can undo this idiocy with the stroke of his pen, right?

  7. The people who should be the most upset about this type of social engineering are the women and minorities who have worked hard and deserve to be in the positions they hold. It is already at a point where I look at every woman and every minority in a leadership role and ask myself if they just got the job because of political correctness. Is that really the type of equality we want?

  8. Annnnddd let’s look at Shrillery.
    Last I’d heard, she pays HER female employees 70 cents to the male employees dollar. (or to that effect)
    I know there’s other Dhimmocrats who do the same. Time to do some research and post the info ALL over the Social Media.

  9. Hunh. Without my glasses, that unicorn mane looks like a raised arm, like he’s petting his pony, or maybe just keeping it at arm’s length. Or some kind of salute.

  10. Use phony people – Demonrat voters, for instance!
    Or dead people … well, they’re Demonrat voters, too.

  11. The people who propose these rules, government bureaucrats, don’t have to produce anything or worry about a bottom line. They want their version of utopia imposed on everyone and have zero concept of maintaining a viable business.

    Most business in the United States is small business. I am familiar with numerous instances where a small employer is hit with a discrimination claim based on disparate impact (essentially a discrimination claim grounded on statistical analysis), or nothing at all except a money grab, and the ultimate result is “fuck it – I don’t need this.” If they manufacture something, they send it to Asia. They automate wherever possible. They outsource to other companies. They rely more and more on employee leasing companies so they don’t have to have permanent full-time employees. The bottom line is that while employees are the most valuable asset, they are also becoming the biggest source of liability and the game becomes “how do I get the work done with the least amount of employees?”

    So yeah, eventually everything becomes equal – you are all now unemployed or underemployed. Enjoy.

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