Social Media Hoax: Fake Images Falsely Tie Trump to Death of George Floyd

Legal Insurrection: Earlier this week, a couple of social media hoaxes attempting to tie President Trump to the death of George Floyd went viral. The intent is to put a good crisis to good use, and “good use” for today’s Democrats/left always means damaging Trump.

For the left, it’s always Orange Man Bad, and this attempt to tie both the actual George Floyd incident and the resulting riots to Trump is worth noting.

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In these cases, the idea was to take the alarming death of George Floyd while in the custody of police in Democrat-run Minneapolis and to find some way, any way, to weaponize it against Trump.

During the same brief time period, quickly eclipsed by the resulting protests cum riots, two false stories were deployed on social media and went viral.  Both attempted to tie Trump to, even implicate him in, George Floyd’s death.

The problem?  That is not the officer in question in the “Make White’s Great Again” hat, and it was, of all outlets, HuffPo that pointed out the hoax.

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  1. The article on the conservative treehouse which includes film gives a whole new prospective on the events.
    For starters you can clearly see he was hammered when arrested and could barely walk. He complained of not being able to breathe before he was ever on the ground.
    In addition, passing funny money is still frowned upon I think.

  2. With all the publicity surrounding the Floyd and Chauvin incident there is little likelihood that Chauvin will ever be able to get an impartial jury to try him.

    So the charges against him should be dropped. That’s the only to achieve justice in his case.

  3. each city/county/state needs to begin reviewing videos and prosecuting offenders to the maximum extent possible

  4. I will forever question why his fellow officers didn’t say “What the f*ck are you doing? Get off of him dude.”

  5. Officer Chauvin will be railroaded in the name of social justice. The left doesn’t give a damn about true justice, they just want to make sure that any police officer who roughs up or kills a kills a black person is held personally responsible for their actions no matter whether the accusations are true or not. It will be a show trial held by a kangaroo court.

  6. Ilan the Villain is still spouting the “Choked to Death” angle…

    I heard that stupid C*nt on the Radio 10 times Yesterday…


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