Social Security judge nets 6 months in federal prison for role in fraud scheme


A former top regional Social Security judge was sentenced Monday to six months in federal prison for his role in trying to silence a whistleblower who helped expose the largest disability fraud scam in U.S. history.

Charlie Paul Andrus, who was chief administrative law judge in the Social Security office in Huntington, West Virginia, was never charged with a role in the scam itself, but did admit to lashing out at the whistleblower who was helping investigators look into the $550 million fraud ring.

Andrus told the court he was embarrassed that one of his subordinate administrative law judges had been implicated, so he worked with orchestrators of the scam to try to discredit Sarah Carver, the whistleblower.

“I was profoundly wrong,” he told the judge before sentencing.

Andrus was attempting to cover up a scam by Eric C. Conn, one of the country’s most successful disability lawyers, who filed more than 1,700 bogus applications with Social Security, using a stable of doctors to write fake medical evaluations then having David B. Daugherty, an administrative law judge in the Huntington office, rubber-stamp approvals for them.  read more

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  1. In China, corrupt government officials receive a nice shiny bullet to the head and a pauper’s funeral.

  2. A six month vacation in Club Fed? Wow, that’s going to be a real deterrent. He should have gotten six years in a state institution so he could spend quality time with individuals who will fix it so that he will need a bushing installed in his asshole so that when he farts, it will make noise.

  3. Hope he serves his time in some county lockup so his cellmates can aquaint themselves with him. Hopefully some will remember him.

  4. Hunh. I didn’t know Social Security had its own court system. I knew about the secret FISA courts, but damn…secret FICA courts, too?

  5. How about TREBLE damages for FRAUD?
    Oh that’s right, Congress has committed SS fraud since the entire racket was conceived.
    Lock box, pfft!

  6. Corrupt, i.e. malfeasant and misfeasant, judges should in addition to any other sentence be stripped of their pension and retiree health care benefits.

  7. Another example of the two tiered justice system in Government corruption cases.
    Not only is he not indicted for the collusion in this massive fraud, he was allowed to retire and collect his pension.
    Must be a democrat and related to Lois Lerner.
    It’s good to be an elite or if you get caught being protected by the corrupt elite.


    All the judges who bent the court in favor of their FREEMASON buddies, and helped lawyer friends win cases, we might have a just system.

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