Socialist Maduro Will Show You How the Left Rolls – Detains Journalist in Caracas


Univision anchor Jorge Ramos and five members of his team were detained and later released in Caracas, Venezuela by President Nicolas Maduro on Monday during an interview in which the embattled president “didn’t like the questions” he was being asked, the network said.

Ramos, 60, was interviewing Maduro when the president “became upset with the line of questioning and ordered the seizure of the video and Univision equipment, including TV and phones, as well as the detention of the journalists,” Univision reported.


12 Comments on Socialist Maduro Will Show You How the Left Rolls – Detains Journalist in Caracas

  1. …it’s Whorehay Ramos. No loss, so of COURSE Maduro relased him just to crush all hope for a good outcome, it’s what socialist DO…

  2. Why does everyone have such a hard-on for Venezuela? The morons in Venezuela elected Chavez/Maduro – let them fight for their country if they want to take it back. You can’t give people freedom. They have to want it and be willing to sacrifice for it . It’s like giving your kid everything he wants and then expecting him to have a work ethic

  3. What an idyllic setting for the interview though. Water feature, Persian rug, Zebra on the barbie. All that effort yet someone still needed to be detained. Ruined the whole thing

  4. This would some rich, creamy schadenfreude for Ramos to be killed in Caracas after haranguing Trump’s hostility to fake news.

    He’s not a reporter. He’s an activist. In Venezuela, opposition DJs are gunned down live on the air in their studios.

    Killing him would be the closest he’s come to being on the right side of a story in his career. In his death, he would unintentionally serve the cause of freedom against his will.

  5. HA! Leftist gets a taste of leftism

    Get a big stomach-full of it, and then force feed him more. How about a prison sentence for some ridiculous amount of time too?

  6. Jon,
    “What you say [write] is rather profound, and probably erroneous …”

    Do you imagine, even for a moment, that the “election” of Maduro was genuine?
    Venezuelan “elections” are (if possible) more corrupt than “elections” in Florida, Colorado, California, Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey.

    The poor, unarmed schlubs of Venezuela have little chance against the Venezuelan Armed Forces.

    izlamo delenda est …


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