Socialists Complain Free 50k Isn’t Enough


Two things are believed by the socialists quoted in this article; that we should eat the rich, and that giving someone a free $50,000 isn’t a lot of money.

Bernie Sanders is the favorite among Democratic Socialists for the obvious reason that he is one himself, and that he’s offering more freebies than any other candidate on the stage.

Among the many Santa Claus proposals of Sanders is a complete forgiveness of the nation’s outstanding $1.6 trillion in student loan debt (in addition to making future college tuition free). Elizabeth Warren has herself proposed a forgiveness scheme that would cap student loan forgiveness at $50,000 for those making less than $100,000 annually (and would gradually phase out for those who earn more than that).

While no conservative will agree with either proposal, Warren’s is at least sort-of means tested. That being said, it would still cost taxpayers an astronomical sum. The average student loan balance was roughly 27k for graduates of public four-year colleges in 2017, so the average person would have their debt wiped out under her proposal.

But socialists are not average – both in their (lack of) understanding of economics, and their career choices. Warren released a “Cancel My Student Debt” calculator so voters could calculate how much they would save at the American taxpayers expense under her plan, and many leftists were quick to seize on it as yet another reason to oppose her. Ironically, I agree for the exact opposite reason that they do! read more

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  1. Q: What is the limiting principle for free stuff?

    When we run out of other people’s money here in the United States will we have to use the military to conquer other countries like ancient Rome did to keep the money flowing for free stuff?

  2. Student debt is a self inflicted gunshot wound. You knew the loan was dangerous and had to be repaid when you took it. You hand problems taking the loan, there should be no problem repaying it.

  3. ‘$50,000 isn’t much’ and ‘eating the rich’ seems appropriate…..simply because—-You, yourself are not RICH and you yourself are NOT in possession of $50,000.

    Which makes your claims completely irrelevant, immature, selfish, brazen and completely uncalled for.

    Obviously a standard position of the liberal mindset.

  4. Have been telling young fools I’d vote to discharge their college loans as long as they vote to pay off my mortgage.

  5. Not that this excuses them even a smidgen, but a lot of those with a pile of student debt incurred it after listening to a lifetime of lies about the (imaginary) value of spending several years in college¹, and then stupidly assuming that a degree in some nebulous and collectivist “studies” curriculum was worth more than a small pile of dried moose turds.

    In other words, a lot of those with debts have them because they’ve been gullible, ignorant, and stupid, and have had a lot of help achieving that state.

    1. Note that I’m not talking about the value of an education, which is something else altogether.

  6. I scrimped and saved for many years in order to pay for my daughter’s college education so that she would not be saddled with student loan debt. Any politician who makes that sacrifice meaningless will feel my wrath in the voting booth come election time.


  7. “$1.6 trillion in student loan debt”

    NEVER forget that the Obama administration nationalized this debt in one of the largest fascist moves ever made.


  8. And those in the Armed Forces will find their service cheapened when every Joe Schmoe gets his college loan forgiven (= college for free!) because now the GI Bill itself is meaningless.

  9. Another way to buy votes, with your money.
    The tax code will be written so they exempt themselves and their “foundations”. (Tax dodge)
    None of them give their owns money to charities, but are willing to spend all of yours.
    Take your nice house from you and make it a homeless shelter.
    The stupidity of those who follow is astounding.

  10. do you want to fix the student loan problem ?

    make the colleges front the money for the loans and see if they support their own “studies” programs that produce degrees that cannot pay for themselves

  11. Going back to the top –
    Q: What is the limiting principle for free stuff?
    A: When you run out of suckers who continue to vote for free shit!

  12. 50 k isn’t enough? Try zero, when Obozo nationalized student loans tuition went up and don’t forget you can’t default on that government loan. You will find 50 k is kind of hard to earn the old fashioned way.
    As CSN and that fool Young said “teach your children well.”


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