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Socialists Poised to Complete Takeover of Los Angeles This November

Epoch Times:

After Angelenos failed to gather enough signatures to put the recall of District Attorney George Gascón on the ballot in November, he’s all but assured of at least another two years in office. Also on the ballot are a number of other Gascón-like candidates, and they are also likely to win.

Had the Gascón recall made it on the ballot, his recall was almost a certainty. The issue was clear. Crime is up dramatically in Los Angeles over the past two years (vehicle thefts by 40 percent, homicides by 50 percent, armed robberies by 60 percent). It’s pretty easy to see that the cause is Gascón’s no bail, reduced sentences, early release, “equitable” approach to crime fighting, where the police are the criminals and the criminals are the victims. A recent poll showed over two-thirds of those with an opinion supported the recall. His socialist counterpart in San Francisco, Chesa Boudin, was recalled by a similarly wide margin earlier this year.

The relevant question for today is: How was Gascón was elected in the first place? He was running against a black female Democrat incumbent. She was not exactly a “throw the book at them” prosecutor. But Gascón swept in thanks to millions of dollars from far-left interests, including George Soros, and a superior ground game. Prior to Gascón, the position of district attorney in LA was like voting on judges. If people voted on the race, they did so based primarily on name recognition, or the occupation stated under the candidate’s name. So, it was an easy position to poach by the radical left.

Those same interests are now looking for other, lower-profile positions, to steal. For instance, the position of city attorney. The city attorney prosecutes misdemeanors. Since Gascón helped make so many crimes misdemeanors (like all theft under $950), this position becomes far more important in fighting crime.

The position also defends the city against lawsuits. The most significant of late have involved the out-of-control homeless situation. Both homeless advocates and business interests have sued the city for its handling of the problem. Thus, the city attorney has a very significant role in the city’s response to homelessness (i.e., build permanent housing to solve the problem or enforce no camping laws in the city’s parks, beaches, and sidewalks).

The city attorney also defends the city anytime the police department is sued for things like alleged racial profiling, sex harassment, or abuse of force. Will the city attorney take the side of the accuser or the police? more

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  1. “After Angelenos failed to gather enough signatures to put the recall of District Attorney George Gascón on the ballot in November,”

    That’s an incorrect statement. The current city counsel blocked the recall by not allowing over 30 percent of the signatures to be counted.
    There’s a few things brewing in Cali right now.

  2. how could his recall could have been assured in November if they failed to get enough signatures to put his name on the recall ballot?

  3. The article intimates that if only the recall was on the ballot, it would pass. I’m not at all convinced. Sure, even squishy libs, especially the ones on the business end of getting robbed, car-jacked, or assaulted want safer streets. But just as the word “justice” has morphed into something more malignant and sinister, safer streets, as viewed through the prism of social justice, can be nuanced to the point of banality.

    Gascon could argue that he is doing his job by eliminating cash bail (which is felt hardest on the poor), not filing on drug or petty crimes (again, practiced more by non-rich people) gives homeless and illegals a free pass (equity-based compassion) and wants to defund the cops because they target black people. People that commit crimes are not bad people, they are just reaching out for some help and incarceration is not the answer. And there are enough white guilt-ridden libs in L.A. that view any kind of criminal justice as racist since the criminals are usually people of color. Not prosecuting crimes is a small price to pay for living in a fair and equitable city, run by progressive caring folks like Gascon.

  4. Although it’s nice to believe an ill represented & dissatisfied portion of a state could secede, it won’t be allowed. Success for New California, and believe me I’d love to see it, would cascade throughout the country.

    The problem are the heavily populated counties in each state that overwhelm the rest of the people.

    Denver and Boulder Counties in CO
    Dallas, Harris and Travis Counties in Texas
    King County in WA
    Multnomah County in OR

    It goes on & on like that everywhere. Our Judicial System won’t allow it. I don’t have a solution but adding another 30 states of conservative voters is not possible.

    In the meantime, living in an urban craphole shouldn’t be an option in your life.

  5. Those that didn’t live in California in the 50’s to the 80’s have no clue what they missed. Perfect weather, beach not far away, mtns, not far away, any kind of amusement or venue you could think of.
    It truly was paradise.
    Relentless greed is a destructive force

  6. First sentence is wrong!

    Much more than enough were gathered.
    But the “Bush Republicans” on the “oversight ” committee said over 40% has “NO STANDING”!

    UNIPARTY protects Hunter’s partner in Ukraine and GWB’s BFF in LA.

    UNIPARTY has been around for over 60 years because it protects its own. AND DOES SO WELL. !#!?%&*#!
    As Zelenskyy and Gascon prove “beyond a reasonable doubt”!

  7. Driving thru the neighborhood in the Twin Cities, there are signs up for Dems, none for Reps. In 2020, all signs for Reps were stolen the very first night they went up. No change.

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