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Sodas That Came and Gone

What is your favorite soda?

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  1. Is RC cola still available? I remember that in the 70s and preferred it over coke or pepsi.

    We have RC cola here in Michigan. – Claudia

  2. Vernor’s. Still around, just not here. Crystal Pepsi was great while they ran a promotion where they put a “free pop” liner under the cap of select bottles. Buy the first one and if it had a free soda offer under the cap, you got one free! Easy to find when the cola was clear!

  3. @Jethro–

    I was going to ask about RC Cola, too. The internet says it’s still available, but it isn’t available around HERE. I liked RC Cola a lot.

  4. I barely drink soda anymore, none in my fridge. I like the occasional ‘draft’ root beer or cream soda, one of the more expensive brands like Fitz’s. With cane sugar, preferably. And RC Cola and Big Red. 🙂 But like I said it’s pretty rare.

  5. What WAS my favorite soda, A&W Root Beer.

    But I gave up soda years ago. I’ll drink an occasional Sparkling Ice from time to time, but soda is just bad for you.

  6. As a kid I loved Nugrape but I haven’t seen that for over 25 years.
    Now when I do drink pop (yeah, we call it pop where I live) its Vernors ginger ale. Great with vanilla ice cream. Called a Boston Cooler. Has to be Vernon’s though. Other ginger ale is weak and gay.

  7. I barely drink any soda but when I do it’s Rat Bastard Root-beer.

    I see RC Cola at some of the upper end specialty grocery stores. Ironic.

  8. When we drove out to California from Michigan in 78 we took a case of Vernors ginger ale and a mixed case of Faygo Rock n Rye and Red Pop. The people we knew out there from Michigan thought we were gods when they saw that stuff.

  9. Hires and shoestring potatoes, and a ham salad sambitch at the Snack Shak on Route 30 east of Chambersburg, Pa will do for me. Gotta be a package deal for me to drink soda.

    Play some pinball and listen to the tunes for an hour or two. Joey B. wasn’t even in Congress then and Kamala was only curry dreams in her dad’s eye.

  10. I like the way you think, Obsolete man. My root beer would be Barq’s in my area, in a brown bottle @34 degrees. And a Zero bar for desert.

  11. @Tony R

    I’ve got the bottom half of a Simba bottle as a pencil holder. It has the lion molded into the glass. I cut the bottle in half with one of those bottle glass cutters when I was a kid.

  12. RC Cola is sold all over here in northern Florida. Walmart and Dollar General markets carry it, but it sells out quickly…it’s cheaper than the other name brands.

  13. My BFF and I survived on Faygo Red Pop and Mr. Pibb growing up. We once dropped a can of red pop and it exploded upwards and permanently stained her Mom’s kitchen ceiling. Oops!

    ClearlyCanadian was the “pop” of the 90’s-the beginning of the flavored fizzy water craze. So good! 😋

  14. If I drink pop (yes, Different Tim!), it’s Diet Rite (RC Cola brand). It’s the only diet pop without Aspartame. You don’t want to know what Aspartame does to my stomach.

    But, I maybe drink one per month. I drink mostly water and Power Ade (sugar free), after my one cup of coffee in the morning.

  15. Growing up in Central Florida, I used to collect the bottles along the road, turn them for 2 cents apiece, purchase a Topp Cola 16 ounces or an RC and a moon pie.

    Also, used to like a frosty mug of A&W root beer.

    When we used to go up to Pennsylvania, I enjoyed birch beer mainly because it wasn’t available in Florida.

    Now, I don’t have any desire for it.

  16. Root beer has to be served in frosty mug with no ice.
    In fact, sodas served in a restaurant mainly consists of a glass or paper cup overloaded with ice and very little actual drink.
    Those dial in your custom drink Coke machines are fun if you use very little ice. However, if a drink is included in the meal deal and there is one of these machines, I’ll select the non carbonated flavored vitamin water.

  17. Never was big on sody pop, but before Coke went nuts, I did enjoy an occasional Lime Diet Coke on a hot day. They killed it off, just like everything else that is enjoyable. Hard to find Fresca these days, as well.

  18. It’s rare now, but I used to like Squirt, the grapefruit flavored soda. I learned to love it for tequila slammers but then got to drinking it by itself. Quite tart, not much sweetener.

    And I don’t do tequila any more at all; it’s delicious but does truly awful things to my head the next morning.

  19. My favorite is plain soda water with lemon and lime.
    Cap’n Eli’s root beer and San Pellegrino blood orange are also really good

  20. I like flat vanilla soda
    grew up in a town with several soda fountains, where they made your soda at the counter, where you sat. Small soda for 5¢ and a large was 7¢, and they all had penny candy to get the whole dime from you. That was when a dime was something. While I do dislike the whole concept of co₂ke, I do like flat coke, but that would be my second choice.
    a vanilla water and Lance’s crackers- those were the good old days

  21. Squirt grapefruit soda. It’s still made, but I haven’t seen it around in 20? years (goes well with vodka). I prefer non-caffeinated so – root beer, ginger ale, Sprite, Wink, 7-Up, cream soda. I splurge and have one a few times a year.

  22. Schweppes Bitter Lemon. Haven’t seen it for years, but I used to live it. Their club soda is pretty good with some lime juice.

  23. We didn’t have soda in the house when we were growing up. So, it was a big treat to get one at a restaurant or a friend’s house. But the best adventure was my brother and me taking our nickel allowances and walking barefoot to the marina up the road from Gramma’s beach house and taking some time to decide whether to spend it on a grape Nehi or an orange Fanta. I can still feel the sand between my toes and the carbonation on my tongue on the way back.

  24. RC is my favorite.
    And I do remember having an occasional Red Rock Ginger Ale as a kid in the 50s. So potent it made my throat burn, LOL!

  25. When I was in Turkey with the Army I tried a soda called “Fruko”. the most interesting and exotic tasting stuff ever. Tried to find it recently but it’s gone.

  26. Jolt.
    All the sugar, and twice the caffeine.

  27. I rarely drink soda anymore, but as a kid I loved cream soda. Then Vernor’s ginger ale. If I have a soda today, it would probably be Coke. I found this Australian ginger beer called Bundaberg at Walmart that is pretty good as a mixer.

  28. was down in Buenos Aires several years back and had a Coca-Cola, original style, in the real green glass bottle. So it is being produced – in Argentina.

  29. missing …
    Frosty Root Beer
    Dr. Brown’s Creme Soda
    Nehi Grape … Nehi Orange

    any diet soda made from the 60’s ’till about 2010 absolutely sucked

    nowadays drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning, water throughout the day (occasional Coke Zero or A&W Root Beer Zero), sippin’ whiskey & scotch for evening libations.

  30. @Anymouse
    Mr. Pibb was awesome. It was Coca Cola’s version of DR Pepper. It had a smoother taste. Used to have it here but no longer. I found some in Galveston last year, but it had some kind of spice in it to give it a kick. I forget what they called it. Didn’t care for it very much.

  31. RC is still around, it’s owned by Dr. Pepper now.
    Growing up in southern Illinois, there was an RC bottling plant in the next town. It was always on sale, so that’s all we had as kids.
    There used to be a cork under the bottle cap and you scratched it out and there could be a prize underneath, something like a dime or a free bottle.
    Still like RC and Diet Rite.
    They were one of the first diet sodas, when they introduced RC100
    Still remember their jingle, “RC 100 had nothing, nothing but taste.”

  32. bobh, I remember Pomac well. I was in jr. high school mid 60’s. I think it was Dr Pepper product and was available in W. TX. for a couple years. Amber color in clear bottle, definately an acquired taste. I liked them and wish I could try one again. Reckon the name queered any chance for it to succeed? Wtf is a Pomac? You’re the first person I’m aware of in 50+ yrs. who also remembers them.

  33. For some reason, I can still remember the NY Giants ad for Pepsi Light:

    We love Pepsi Light, refreshing Pepsi Light
    That little taste of lemon makes it taste so right
    We hate most everything but we love Pepsi Light!


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