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Soft Landings

PM: Kalya Lemieux, the biological male shop teacher from Oakville, Ontario infamous for wearing giant prosthetic breasts to class, was caught on camera jumping out of a plane on October 31 with Voodoopornstar, a man who referred to himself as a “conservative pornstar skydiver.”

While the prosthetic breasts survived the journey back down to earth, Lemieux’s blonde wig flew off while in the air. more

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  1. Transvestite goes sky diving, slow news cycle. trans·ves·tite
    noun: transvestite; plural noun: transvestites

    a person who dresses in clothes primarily associated with the opposite sex (typically used of a man). No such thing as a, “transsexual”…

  2. Welcome to Canada’s Promotion to the idiocy of exposing students to sexual perversions and mental disorders.

    It’s not unlike the Schools in the US who follow the same perverted woke think all for the purpose of inclusion of all sexual mental disorders.

  3. …and the wig landed in the bed of a farmer’s pickup truck, completely revolutionizing his home life when he had no adequate explanation for how it got there after his wife found it.

  4. “@SNS – not many have read the 4th installment of the Hitchhiker’s trilogy.
    But apparently a few here have!”


    Douglas Adams was a genius well ahead of his time and very familiar with the human condition.

    But even HE wouldn’t be able to make fake boob guy fly like lithe Fenchurch…

  5. Come In
    Please, be seated
    Let Me remind you
    Of Tales Told and Untold
    Would you like to make yourself more comfortable

    Where and when shall we start
    Or should I say resume
    Would you care for something to eat while we wait?

    We still have Steak. Something sucked on it but even our advanced instrumentation was unable to determine to even the smallest microdotted decimal point any loss to the naked eye.

    When ever you are ready we will resume

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