Solid Gold Toilet “America” Stolen From Palace in United Kingdom

The gold toilet, is actually known as an art piece created by Maurizio Cattelan called “America.” It was set up in Blenheim Palace as part of of a functioning exhibition named, “Victory is Not an Option,” in which people could use the fully-functioning solid gold toilet. The art exhibition was installed and opened on Thursday (Sept. 12), only two days before the theft was first reported. read more

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  1. Solid gold toilet? That is one of the most distasteful home furnishings I can think of. It would be a pleasure to melt that down!

  2. I try to behave…But You bait Me with these stories.

    A Guy wakes up in the morning with at tremendous hangover…He

    realizes He’s lost His Wallet …His Wife convinces Him to

    re-imagine His Night….He remembers a white House…with red

    shutters….and a Golden Toilet….They drive around for hours…

    and suddenly the husband says “that’s it…That’s the House”

    So the He walks up to the House, knocks…and says…”Do You have a

    Golden Toilet?”

    The Woman turns Her back into the House and says

    “Hey Harry…I found the Guy who sh*t in Your Tuba”

  3. Uncle Al……….one moment………yes….and it looks like the results are coming in and indeed Uncle Al has officially broken the dad joke meter and is now in the running for dad joke of the decade.

    Well done sir, most winners actually have children, but clearly this deficit was no impediment to your laser like focus on crafting the greatest dad joke of all time.

    Once again everybody, Uncle Al. Go ahead, take a bow, Truly magnificent performance that absolutely ramps up the pressure on other posters to perform.

    Lets see how that goes, back to MJA in the booth.

  4. I iz.

    Not many chances to assault the English language AND the periodic table in one shot. You took that opportunity, ran it into the endzone, spiked the ball, set it on fire and then did a Mexican hat dance around it.

    I doff my tri-corned hat at you, sirrah.

  5. Thank you, Aaron.
    Looks like the toilet meant to mock America has been stolen from a shit hole country.
    It’s probably being sold on the brown market as we speak.

    We’ll be back with less of that, after a quick check on the climate with Stormy, our weathered whore.

  6. That’s what confused me about buying guineas and sovereigns in to-day’s market. I came from the old school. Mint. Very Fine. Fine. Fucked up. Garbage. Melt Value.

    And then the world tossed up AU. “I know it’s fucking gold!”

    “Dude, that means ‘About Uncirculated’.”

    “Oh. That’s fucking stupid. AU means gold. Good thing I didn’t try to buy some AU Morgan Dollars. I would have had a stroke.”

  7. I’m going to make a prayer rug that looks like a Union Jack. Toss pig blood all over it and lay a bloody butcher knife on it.

    And call it London.


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