Somali Refugee is the Ohio State University attacker

NBC […] The suspect’s name was not released, but law enforcement officials told NBC News he was a Somali refugee who was a legal permanent resident of the United States.


The motive was unknown, but officials said the attack was clearly deliberate and may have been planned in advance.

“This was done on purpose,” Stone said.  MORE

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  1. Average Somali IQ 68-70….
    According to WHO 33% of Somali’s
    are bat shit insane.Yea,We need them here…

  2. The surprise is that his name is not Mohammed. It’s Abdul Artan.
    The motive was clear….to kill/injure a lot of innocent people. To wonder why he’d want to do that implies that some form of corrective action could be taken. Let me be clear, no corrective action will be taken by this administration; in fact, we’ll accept more “refugees”. This administration’s motive appears to be the same.

  3. @Radioationman that also fails to include the presence of what’s known as the “warrior gene,” and the up to 120% increase of testosterone levels, added to cultural and other biological 3rd world norms that cause complete incompatibility with the first world.
    Diversity + Proximity = War
    Historically,it’s always the same.

  4. He must have seen a Confederate Flag T shirt or something. Or maybe because there were no tranny bathrooms. Or maybe he was just trying to reduce carbon footprint.

  5. It wouldn’t be profiling if we said his name wasn’t Mohammed Abdul-Shithook from Somalia, but said it was really Sven Svenson from Oslo?

  6. Radioman: “Average Somali IQ 68-70….
    According to WHO 33% of Somali’s
    are bat shit insane.Yea,We need them here…”

    And…they VOTE!

  7. Since the perp was a muzzie, and it wasn’t a shooting, look for the MSM to cease coverage by tomorrow morning. Can we now have some Common Sense Muslim Control Laws here in the USA?

  8. They can’t figure out what his motive was.
    Extreme: check
    Muslim: probably
    Terrorist: definitely
    I think we got it figured out.

    Product of Obummer’s detailed refugee vetting program.

  9. I grew up in Ohio, went to Ohio State. All of these instances piss me off, this one a bit more since the emotional connection. I know the area, the streets, etc. This is not going to be solved without blood. The sooner the better. I pray the Trumps kicks all criminal illegals and moslem “refugees” out pronto.

  10. It’s been the same with these ungrateful savages since Sir. Richard Francis Burton was attacked by the buggers in 1855 on his first African expedition. They attacked at night, without warning or provocation, and he was impaled with a javelin that went through his cheeks, resulting in the wicked scar that can be seen in his photographs and portraits. He dispatched several of them to Allah with his revolver and saber in the melee before they took flight. Burton called them “a fierce and turbulent race.” Back then, civilized people knew how to deal with these crazy bastards. They killed them where they lived. They didn’t import the savages to Europe or America to give them the chance to practice their bloody religion on innocent civilians. Thank you, Omohamid for bringing disfunctional multicultural Muslims to our country.

  11. @DaveVA Same here. I have friends who worked during the OSU/Michigan game this weekend. From my college days we’d often go to the OSU student union for lunch and partied on High Street at Mean Mr. Mustards and Trilogy. My parents still live there. Mom often talks about the large Somali influx into Columbus. *sigh*

  12. Want to nip this shit in the bud?
    Every one of his non citizen relatives down to the tenth cousin is on a plane to Shitholistan by tomorrow night, their property confiscated to offset the damage done by their relative.
    The Citizen relatives will be treated according to the constitution, however they will be investigated and if found complicit they will be prosecuted.

  13. The news Progs were hoping for a white KKK gunman, all they got was a no-driving, brown, Islamic slasher.
    Curses, foiled again.
    Sux to be Everytown, they are Everywrong.

  14. He had no gun. He used his car and an edged weapon yet most new outlets are still calling it a mass shooting. They just don’t quit.

  15. I read that he was upset that the university didn’t offer any Muslim prayer rooms.

    If they have ‘Safe Spaces’, and if Islam is the ‘Religion of Peace’, then why not put them in the same place? Still feel ‘safe’?

  16. The ATMs around here (Huntington Bank – Ohio)have an option for “Somali” instructions.

    I got in trouble with the Mrs. by texting my OSU student son to “aim small”.

    When it says “Muzzie, Muzzie, Muzzie on the label, label, label, you WON’T like it, like it, like it anywhere near your table, table, table”

  17. Of course, the media is identifying him only as an “Ohio State Student”

    Must be one of them wacky fraternity guys or drunk football game leftover.

    I wonder if the dolts who populate the media have any awareness how they are regarded as an utter farce by most of the population.

  18. Creates a dilemma for Obama…go to Cuba to praise Castro at his funeral, or go to a mosque in Ohio to denounce “Islamophobia”?

  19. You mean it wasn’t Melvin Yoder from Holmes or Geagua County? You know those wild and crazy New Order Amish.

    Sadly Franklin County now has the 3rd largest enclave of Somali Motards in the nation. Having worked with this community in the past my opinion based o experience is they are all lying, cheating, benefit guzzling filth. Their houses of terror, aka mosques, need to be burned to the ground and bull dozed.

  20. He brought a knife and the officer brought a gun – works for our side the best. On Fakebook, the little bastard had the nerve to mock the fake news “lone wolf” angle the leftist media created. Well, at least he’s joined other lone wolves in Hell.

  21. FOX News headlines within the last twenty minutes;


    Then they identify the police officer who shot the “student.” They even provide a photo of the young officer.

    This is all wrong. I’m so fucking pissed I don’t know what to say.

  22. Who in the Police Department released the identity and photo of the officer?
    In my day that motherfucker would be drawn and quartered.

  23. I’m glad this Filthy Mohammedan Savage is burning in Hell, with Satan/Allah pouring on the liquid hot magma.

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