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Politically – Some dead people don’t count

Chicago Facts

PatriotRetort: Fast on the heels of nine people being gunned down by a crazy in Oregon, news that September 2015 was Chicago’s deadliest month in thirteen years emerged.

Sixty people were murdered in Chicago during the month of September.

Sixty people.

Oddly enough, Barack Obama has yet to huffily stomp in front of news cameras to rail against that particular “gun violence.”

Nothing says “disingenuous” quite like ignoring those deaths.

There’s a reason why some dead people don’t count.

Liberalism as an ideology has a long and storied history of exploitation in order to advance its agenda. If Obama cannot use the bodies of the dead to push his, they are of no use to him.

And sixty murdered Chicago residents just don’t help advance Liberalism.

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  1. Black lives don’t matter if there is no money in it for Obammy.

    I hold the same opinion on this as I do the Middle East, as long as they are killing each other I fail to see the downside.

  2. You’re making me remember the nightly news updates of the Iran/Iraq war and thinking “this is a win/win” and when the news broke that we were giving intelligence to both sides to keep the hot stalemate going and then thinking “even better”.

  3. Chicago/Illinois also #1 for welfare recipients. One could conclude that the democrat welfare system is purchasing the guns for the thugs, with your money. Then use your money to attempt to keep guns out of your legal tax paying hands. The bottom line, there’s never enough money and you need to be controlled. Thugs however get a free pass – don’t pay taxes and don’t follow the laws. The answer to that is to raise taxes and pass more laws. Makes sense only in liberal land.

  4. Some are overdosing on bad heroin mixed with pain killers. Last I read, 40 dead in one day. More than gun violence, but no one is talking about that now are they?

  5. Apparently there are ‘lives that really don’t matter’! Must be that these types of lives would only matter to Obunghlole, and his crazy ilk, if there is some edge or benefit to be derived by him from his acknowledging their dead corposes otherwise let them moulder in the grave. Obunghole has let a lot of mouldering go on!

  6. Not really, because killing Daddy who is never around in the first place isn’t going to solve much when Mama is out with 13 other Daddy’s getting knocked up anyhooo.

  7. Or said another way, in the eyes of the Øbamboozler all of you unemployed, barely aware, dope-smoking, self-absorbed, media-influenced, celebrity-obsessed, Food-Stamp wielding, Escalade driving, Kool-Aid drinking, government-dependent, entitlement rich, busted-azz, free-loading, uninformed, short attention span door-knobs are nothing but shit!
    Welcome to Obamaville where the Truth doesn´t matter, “facts” are whatever pushes his agenda and the lies just keep on coming!

  8. Someone needs to remind the Prez that the 19 hijackers that flew planes into building on 9/11 used box cutters (Kinves!), not guns to kill the flight crew and take over the planes.

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