Some Heroes Wear Smocks

WUWT: As we saw in the Canning protests earlier this week, people are getting fed up with sanctimonious, virtue signaling, climate change, “protesters”.

Here are a couple of recent examples.  

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  1. It might have been a lot of fun to see just how far down that bearded asshole’s throat his little “mega”phone would have gone with just a good palm strike to the bell. You always could claim you were just protecting your ears. Sooooo many candidates for TOITSAS…

  2. “We have the right to come on to your private property and disrupt your business but you have no right to do anything about it because we are special!”

    It is as if no one ever told these people “no.”

  3. I’ve seen lots of signs on doors that say ‘We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service to Anyone’. We need more of those signs.

  4. Being as how legislatures, Republican or Democrat love to sit around and make new laws, they need to make a law that if protesters are blocking the road then it is justifiable homicide for commuters to run them over.
    That is the only way you stop that shit, for them to be taught a lesson their parents never taught them that you don’t play in the street.

    Those that come into businesses need to have the customers beat the hell out of them.

  5. We need more of these clips where ordinary people give these illegal rioters a public beat-down

    More and more voters are going to see this crap and it will backfire on environmentalist Leftist politicians in a huge way.

    (Inside the voting booth) “hmmm…do I vote for the Democrats Party politicians who are pushing this jobs-killing environmental crap? Or do I vote for Trump who is creating jobs by eliminating jobs-killing unneeded regulations? Okay, straight Repub ticket it is!”


  6. That horn being inches away from the face is assault. Hearing can be permanently damaged.

    When the horns start being smashed, and it all goes to court, these loser activists will learn THEY are the bad guys and what happened to them and their equipment is perfectly legal as a defense to their assaults.

    THEN the general public will start pushing back even more as they realize it’s self defense to drop them and put a stop to the assault.

    That horn would be thrown on the roof if it was me. I like what hearing I have left and I’ll defend it. You don’t have a right to damage my hearing ability.

    If you look closely at the clip of the first guy pulled off the train in the UK, you can make out he was getting the tar kicked out of him by several blokes. Good.

  7. What was the fat mestiza at In N Out protesting? The tensile strength limitations of the spandex in her booty shorts? The inability of her Chuck Taylor’s to contain her cankles?

  8. Out here on the back forty, we use HotShots ‘the RedOnes’ to encourage the critters to get out of where they don’t belong, and hustle where they do. Sometimes, for the really cantankerous ones, we break out the ‘GreenOnes’…adjusts their attitudes right up!

    I recommend the business owners provision a couple of ole Greens, fully juiced up. Looks like too many strays meandering off from the herd. Wandering into where they don’t belong…might get hurt. After a couple of pokes, the critters wise up, so just walking through with a red stick is enough to make ’em mind. That crew will probably require half a dozen pokes…the excessive inbreeding has apparently left them half stocked on their marble bags.

  9. @Old Racist White Woman:
    I might be splitting hairs but I think it would be better to call the action something other than “justifiable homicide”. Maybe just, “justifiable action”. The left would be sure to latch on to the word “homicide” and try to make hay of that.


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