Some Mash-Up Posters

Readers submitted mash-up suggestions based on Call Me Lennie’s original batch.

You can see them HERE.

I rendered a couple of the movie mash-ups into posters.

I’ll do some more later.

15 Comments on Some Mash-Up Posters

  1. “I know what you’re thinking, did he use the Expelliarmus spell or the Avada Kedavra? Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I kind of lost track myself, but being as this is a .44 cal phoenix feather, and can blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do ya, punk?”

  2. You hailing me? You hailing me? Well I don’t see no other infidel here. Who the Farouq do you think you’re hailing?

  3. Animal House Down

    The Godfather Knows Best

    Goodbye Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

    The Other Side Of Midnight Cowboy

    So many others. The list is endless.

  4. The Ben Hur series

    Ben Hurt Locker
    Unjustly enlisted EOD technician returns from 20 years in Iraq, only to discover his girlfriend and toddler son are now lepers

    Gentle Ben Hur
    600 lb black bear becomes toast of Rome for his uncanny success in the Circus maximus

  5. Godfather knows Best

    Always remember, Kitten, keep your friends close and your enemies closer

    You’ll make the cheer squad, Princess. I’m going to make the coordinator an offer she can’t refuse

  6. Nicely done, and funny. I’m too old to figure out photoshop and whatever the other apps are needed to do this sort of thing. But I will enjoy the work of others, as I do for this one.

    Thanks for the chuckles.

  7. When Dity Harry Met Sally

    Women has a strange compulsion to fake an orgasm when ever she hears gunshots


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