“Some people did something” part 2

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  1. Then why should we pay reparations. After all, wasn’t it just a case of “somebody did something?”

  2. Beaming so wide with that smile, proclaiming ‘Dat’s my man’!
    (him being a US Citizen).
    Believes the futures so bright, she’s got to wear scarves,,
    It’s an 80’s thing,,, some will get it.

  3. A relative said,There were 19 Muslims who committed the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That is a pathetically small sample size to be making a claim about all 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. That’s called a hasty generalization, and it’s a fallacy. Your hatred and fear are based in irrationality. You should be ashamed for your Islamaphobia. part 2 would go way over his head.
    one person on the loose end of the rope, right?

  4. Wow. The hanged guy managed to keep his hat on. Neat trick! That should be in the “Believe it or Not” Museum.

  5. Reuters headline for the afternoon of 9-11

    19 Muslims dead after buildings collapse
    see Reuters Propaganda Headline: “Man Arrested After Boy Falls from Balcony”

  6. Why did I spend the last 24 of 48 hours working on taxes?
    This year (2018 taxes) SUCKED real bad. Not that we owe too much like all the progs are bitching about, but the income sources and write offs are much more complex for our situation this time around than they have ever been.
    I should have just wrote in the amount owed, “Somebody wants something” and called it done.

  7. Everybody knows Bush blew it up…
    Hilter’s Arabs will also tell you that the Holocaust never happened.
    “Some people did something” is just the muzloid method of working up to:
    “9/11 is just a myth”


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