Some Questions for Kamala Harris About Eligibility

Dr. John C. Eastman for Newsweek

…So before we so cavalierly accept Senator Harris’ eligibility for the office of vice president, we should ask her a few questions about the status of her parents at the time of her birth.

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  1. One of the biggest omissions of the Constitution is its failure to impose stern penalties, specifically imprisonment, for violations of the oaths of officers of the United States.

  2. She IS the origination of a DACA kid. Barry wasn’t. He was born to an American mother on American soil to an American father, however his father was Frank Marshall Davis and not Barry the first….The bottom line is that the stupidest Presidential candidate in the history of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA has a VP candidate that cannot serve as President….and she’s stupid too….

  3. So much is being said – on both sides – about the likeliness of her taking over the office should Biden get elected, or even taking over the election with Sleepy Joe dropping out. Keep in mind that Kamala was the media’s anointed one late last year, the one that they put everything into getting nominated. And she still floundered, dropping out with zero electoral votes. She won’t get traction with even the Democrat voters. She will do nothing to help Biden get elected, but will certainly speak to undecideds about his decision-making ability.

  4. “…the status of her parents at the time of her birth.”

    “Dr. Harris, what the HELL were you and your wife, Shyamala Gopalan, thinking when you had Kamala?”

  5. She wanted to jail single moms who had truant kids.
    Yeah, leave the kids to fend for themselves while mom is in jail, and make sure you ruin mom’s future job prospects. That’ll help.
    If this bitch becomes.. whatever… guaranteed there will be 100X the police and 100X the detention centers. Because she’s communist Five-0

  6. Holy Smokes, one day in and I’m already sick and tired of her mug, of her mannerisms, her voice, her equivocations, her two-stepping, and her blatant dishonesty. I can’t handle 3 more months of this.

  7. You would think Americans cound come to an agreememt on the meaning of “natural born citizen” as used constitutionally. But Noooo! WTF???

  8. LCD, I’m beginning to think her clownface surgery was to make people think that she’s a different person entirely from that inept mediocrity you described. That woman was named Kamala Harrison Bounel, wasn’t she?


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