Some thoughts on President Trump’s “feud” with LaVar Ball

Patriot Retort: When President Trump was in China, he personally appealed to President Xi on behalf of the three idiot UCLA basketball players arrested for shoplifting.

And isn’t that exactly what a President should do?

Except Barack Obama.

For more than a year, Obama let Otto Warmbier sit in a North Korean jail where Warmbier was tortured and abused.

By the time President Trump got him released in June of this year, Warmbier was in a coma and on the verge of death. Sadly, he died a short time after being freed.

And let’s not forget Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi whom Obama left in a Mexican prison for over two hundred days.

But since intervening on behalf of American citizens in foreign jail is what Presidents should do, I guess it isn’t surprising that Obama didn’t do it.

Any old how.

By intervening within days of these three idiots getting arrested, President Trump spared them heaven knows what kind of treatment.

And yet.

LaVar Ball, the “celebrity father” of one of these morons, decided that his hatred for Donald Trump and his need for attention was more important than his son being spared jail time in China.  read more here


SNIP: I’d like to say something to people, like those basketball players, who travel with their brand-named baggage filled with their conceit and delusions of grandeur to foreign lands.

  1. You may be something to somebody here in America, but you are worth absolutely nothing to those outside of it. Always remember that and accept it, you have no other choices.
  2.  Locate the American Embassy. Research and understand the customs and laws in your host country and accept that you must behave accordingly. You have no other choices.
  3.  Don’t start your argument with local law enforcement with, “Well, in America” or “But I’m an American.”  Because they don’t care.  See # 1.

30 Comments on Some thoughts on President Trump’s “feud” with LaVar Ball

  1. College athletes (and in some cases high school athletes) are too pampered in this country. Shoplifting, DUI, sexual assaults, are too often, overlooked, excused , or hidden so these assholes can maintain their eligibility. And don’t get me started on dumbed-down curriculum and worthless degrees.

  2. In some ways it would have been good for the three thieves to get an object lesson in Communism and its judicial system. I suspect, because they are Americans, they would have received better treatment than a citizen of China.

    In China, the punishment of crime begins at the point of the crime. We were in a Chinese department store in the interior of China when we witnessed a girl getting the snot slapped out of her for shoplifting. This was done by one of the store employees who heaped verbal abuse on the girl so loudly her voice must have carried up three stories. And then the shoppers rush over to add their abuse. It was shocking. And being Westerners deep in China on a serious mission of our own, we decided to walk in the opposite direction, to not get swept up in any sort of legal process, like being witnesses.

    As I read one account, these boys actually stole the items and were allowed to return to their hotel before the police were called to go search their rooms. That would not have been the case, I don’t think, if they had not been ID’ed as Americans. But, the story went on, the police did search and recover the stolen items. They are exceedingly lucky they were not dealt with in a normal way AND that POTUS Trump was there to save their skins. What Ball, Sr. and others don’t stop to consider is that an American President had to swap precious political capital in exchange for their stupidity. The Chinese gov’t will not fail to remind POTUS Trump that he owes them one.

  3. Tony R. That’s what happened to Treyvon Martin. He was protected by the school system. They called burglars tools in his possession “found property.”
    Had they reported it to the police he may be alive today. Read “If I had a Son” by Frank Cashill.


    I personally would have left them there as a consequence.

    Drop the issue. Trump saved them, everyone knows about it, don’t make celebrities out of shit-throwers.

  5. Ingratitude seems to be just another in a long line of character traits that we find so endearing about the black thugs.

  6. Too bad sonny-boy wasn’t in some Middle Eastern country where they might have taken a hand off as punishment. Since pops doesn’t think stealing is such a bad thing, maybe it should be open season and easy pickings on those big baller shoes @ $500 a pair.

  7. 10 years in Chinese prison is a death sentence.
    It’s prison. Not “jail time” as Americans think they understand the term.

    Chinese consider negroes of whatever origin to be subhuman– missing links, neanderthals, gorillas and apes. These three would not have fared well, nor lasted long.

    PDT literally saved their lives.

    As for ungrateful sports mogul dad, what a POS. And how stupid to publicly provoke and insult a POTUS who, with a nod, can bureaucratically wipe out everything you think you have.

    The good news is Sonny Boy now thinks he’s invincible and untouchable.
    That will end badly in some parking lot drug deal gone wrong at 3 AM.
    Hopefully soon.

  8. I’m guessing it’s not too late to agree to extradition. Send them back to China for trial and hard time.
    Daddy Dumb-Ball can go along too. As a bonus.

  9. @Burner — They were staying in an upscale hotel and shopping in the nearby luxury stores during a short recess in their official activities. Three young, tall black athletes (probably wearing something that had their team name like jackets?). It wouldn’t be a hard guess, I’m thinking. One thing is certain — they wouldn’t have been mistaken for Chinese citizens. They don’t have the same immigration situation as the western world in Communist China. Westerners sort of stick out like a sore thumb there.

  10. Couple things.
    Where is the info on what they would have been sentenced to?
    I would like to see the amount of time Mr. Trump spared them.
    And since Dad is such a bad ass let him go serve his son’e sentence
    Those three idiots better get expelled, or mark that college down as one of the commie shitholes

  11. Reports today that these three have been “suspended indefinitely”.
    Incompetently written article didn’t make clear whether suspended from just the team, or UCLA itself.

    They should be expelled for disgracing UCLA.
    Let them shoot hoops in the driveways of their parents’ McMansions. In between blunts and Malt 40s.

  12. I just watched Lavar Ball with Chris Cuomo. It was embarrassing. I actually had pity for Cuomo. He couldn’t even get a question in with talk-a-ton Ball. It just confirmed my opinion that Lamar Ball is an ungrateful, ignorant asshole.

  13. Maybe the reason my kids didn’t grow up to be thieves is because I taught them not to steal.
    My young son stole a candy bar once. I found it when we got home, forced him to open up his piggy bank and take out the money to pay for it. Drove him back the 15 miles to town, forced him to take it back in and apologize and give them his money.
    He was 5 years old and never stole again.

    I can’t comprehend a parent who says stealing isn’t that big of deal.

  14. I worked with a girl who was in China working. One evening she went out to dinner with a Chinese friend and had a few drinks. On the way back to her hotel on a very dark road she hit a bicycle rider and killed him. He was hit with the right side mirror on the rental car and she and her passenger were unaware of the incident. Witnesses saw the accident and reported the license number.
    She was arrested, tried and spent 4 years in s Chinese prison. She lost everything she ever owned including her savings and home to pay attorneys and the family of the man who died.
    When she came home she looked 30 years older than she was.
    Her stories of that prison were terrifying. Those boys have no idea what could have happened. They owe the President a great debt.

  15. I remember traveling through the armed checkpoints in China during a business trip. They never asked to see my papers, only the passports of other Asians traveling with me. I asked why, and my buddy explained that you look too American to fit in here, and they already know all about you. A young lady from Thailand traveling with us did not fare so well, she left her passport in the Hotel and was taken from the van and detained. I never found out what happened to her, I assume she was immediately deported.

  16. @The Gunny — Yeah, it was freaky to land at one of their larger interior airports and see nothing but mothballed MIGs lining the runway. We were the solitary airline landing. When we got off the plane and were escorted to the baggage claim we were met by military personnel wearing full ammo/weapons. Someone went ahead of us and turned on the lights. Otherwise the place was empty. So weird. They could have taken our passports and no one would have ever seen us again. You don’t mess around in China no matter how cosmopolitan Shanghai is these days.

    I once had a bad situation in South Korea, even, on their military base when coming through security our group had been processed and the Korean jerk wanted to mess with two of us women who were at the end of the line. After checking our paperwork, he slid it under the desktop in front of him and pretended to not have it. Freaked me and my friend out (we were in our early 20’s) because the rest of our team had already left the area through another set of doors. You just never want to goof around no matter which foreign country you’re in. We asked for his superior and he produced our papers right quick.


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