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Somebody has to pay for that free parking


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  1. Trouble is it always seems to be me. Darn, my parents for insisting that I work and pay my own way. They didn’t tell me, however, that I would have to pay the way for a bunch of other people! Oh well, the Pope, I am sure, is highly pleased that our benevolent government is helping me do my required charity work!

  2. The Income Tax is the point of the socialist’s spear.

    Repeal the 16th and the Leviathan dies.
    Repeal the 16th and the 17th and we could restore the Republic.
    Quit electing the same lying maggots to office and we could probably get the economy moving again.
    Get rid of the EPA, IRS, HHS, DOE, DoE and a host of other alphabet agencies and we could restore Liberty.

  3. The final version of the game called Communist monopoly is more interesting. It has squares titled ‘Go To Gulag’, ‘Bribe Party Boss’, ‘Wait In Line’ and ‘Drink Too Much Pass Out’.

  4. I dream of the moment where REAL CUTS take place, “benefits” are cut (Oh, that makes me a HATER!) while businesses can open up again and laws are upheld and respected.
    Weathering the storm til then.

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