Somebody Tell Her What “Mansplaining” Is

A young woman with a microphone asks you to give the definition of “mansplaining.” Do you give an honest answer or just wait for her to “femsplain” why you couldn’t possibly know because you’re male?

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13 Comments on Somebody Tell Her What “Mansplaining” Is

  1. Well, she needs some ‘splainin’ because she held the balloon thingy upside down as she tried to sweep leaves off of the sidewalk. And the little silent girl had explained the proper procedure TWICE before…..and she didn’t have any fuckin’ leaves to sweep off!!!!…

  2. Have an ex who can talk for hours and say nothing, really, nothing resembling a coherent thought ever comes out to anybody who has no context. My interrupting her was always the same, “Can you get to the chase scene.”
    Mansplaining has a direction and point. I am guilty of often over explaining, it’s my nature as an Alpha male.
    I hate it when a person didn’t do something correctly because they didn’t have the correct explanation.
    “You didn’t explain it through.”
    Who hasn’t heard that before?

  3. PJ:
    No the ones sitting with their legs spread too far apart are Hollywood starlets, the babes on national news shows and Nancy Piglosi when she opens her mouth to speak!!

  4. I like the way my wife describes the male/female differece. She’s a great conversationalist but keenly aware of the differences between the genders.

    ” Men use speech to communicate ideas and information, both practical and abstract, including specific instructions.”
    “But for 90% of women, speech is birdsong. They are happiest when mindlessly stringing words together in an endless unstructured stream of consciousness. No immediate purpose, no specific goal, just the innocent simpleminded pleasure of hearing their own voice producing sound, lalalalalala.”

    She herself never asks a strange female for directions or factual information because many women feel socially compelled never to say “I don’t know” so they improvise nonsensical false answers instead.

  5. Rufus T, women like to say that men are to proud to ask directions, but women are humble enough to ask for help.

    Trouble is, women won’t remember a single bit of the directions, but they’ll tell you all about the awful shade of green and the missing button on the shirt of whoever gave the directions.

  6. Any woman who lectures me on mansplaining better not ever ask me for help on a goddamn thing ever again.


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