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Something Fishy – The Two Gal Pals Lost at Sea For 6 Months Seem To Be Lying

The first lie the two told was the basis for the entire “lost at sea” narrative. They said they hit a massive storm with 60 foot waves, which forced them into a new game plan.

Problem is, there was no such storm.

The lies just kept getting more and more convoluted, begging the question – what was their angle?

Most are saying it was a plan from the beginning to weave a “harrowing tale” so they can write a book or get a movie deal.


47 Comments on Something Fishy – The Two Gal Pals Lost at Sea For 6 Months Seem To Be Lying

  1. The first clue with these sailing Amelia Earharts should have been their service dogs.

  2. I have become so cynical anymore, I didn’t believe this from the beginning. It isn’t a good place to be to not trust people but that is what the last decade has done to me. I think what got me was the dogs and not using their emergency beacon.

  3. They better get served the bill for what it cost to ‘rescue’ them.

  4. Sounds like another cruise I once heard about. Oh yeah, the Howell’s, Ginger and “the rest” were on that one.

  5. Next time they’ll get kidnapped by pirates or abducted by aliens after the boat breaks down…yeah, that’s the ticket.

  6. I’m with @Corky. 6 months? My crap detector went off immediately.

  7. Look at the pictures and watch the video @ Daily mail. Mystery solved. Of special note: notice the dog.

  8. Sounds like Carpet Munching at Sea.

    Nah….they can’t be lesbots, right? They don’t even look the part (eye roll).

  9. I knew Ginger and Maryann. They were friends of mine. You, ladies, are no Ginger and Maryann.

  10. Oprah and Lance Armstrong, together at last! It’s a beautiful thing.

  11. I suspect they just wanted to go on a fish taco diet

  12. So they didn’t think they could survive for another 24 hours??? Looks like neither ‘man’ nor beast shed a single pound. Apparently they stock piled food for all.

  13. The two whaa… ? Someone, get renowned climate expert, Austin Powers, opin… I mean… settled science, on that gender presumption.

  14. Too funny. We’re all on the same wavelength.

    Saw this story elsewhere and my first thoughts were “SS Minnow”, “book/movie deal” and “needs Pirates/Sharks/UFOs”.

  15. Well, we were just going to ask for directions.
    But then we remembered microaggressions.

    (swell the music, ghost of David Bowie)
    We can be heroes!

  16. 🐟 The fishiest things on that boat were two women who haven’t bathed in 6 months. 🐟

  17. Every lesbian woman’s dream

    Stuck on a boat with another lesbo, in the middle of nowhere, lots of fattening food, and 2 dogs with long tongues.

  18. Would have been a more interesting story had they been lost off the coast of Somalia.

  19. When I saw them I thought they and their dogs looked awfully well fed.

  20. and they got the boat’s engines at Sears and Rowbacks

  21. If this turns out to be a hoax, which I’m sure it will, they should have to pay for the rescue effort. It is time to send a message to publicity whores that if you’re caught you’re going to pay.

  22. They were bitterly disappointed to find out Trump was still President.

  23. Luckily the boat was built with tongue and groove and no studs at all.

  24. I didn’t know Tiger Woods and Martina Navratilova were a couple.

  25. I said bullshit the second I laid eyes on them. Way to well fed and healthy looking for 6 months lost at sea. Cunts.

  26. Yeah, the gaydar signal should have been loud enough to alert any nearby ship. Besides, neither woman had sun burns or lost any weight. The dogs were too energetic and well fed. Whopping fish tales told by landlubber lesbians. So believable – not. Hope they’re charged with a crime.

  27. They didn’t eat the dogs, so the story’s a lie.

  28. Comment of the day:

    Women are generally crazy……imagine two in a relationship! well you get things like this

  29. So, the “ladies” set sail for an 18-day trip with 6 months worth of food. Yeah, sure. Somehow this will end up being the “white man’s” fault.

  30. @Carmenzoid… I think that they started out with 15 dogs and an Indonesian cookbook.

  31. Hard to tell the gulls from the buoys nowadays.

  32. 6 months of food? 6 months water, for 2?
    Plus dog food, or did those dogs thrive on raw fish? 6 months toilet paper?

    How batshit-Pelosi-Maxine-Clinton-crazy of these chicks to imagine they could pull this off. 60 mph winds and 30 foot waves for 3 days? That’s a major monsoon, one day off Hawaii. That never showed up on satellite.

    Wonder where they’ve actually been the last 6 months.
    Running a bar tab at some marina, or couchsurfing Stateside?

    They should have claimed they were swept off course by Global Warming.

  33. News update: They are now living as lesbian women. So you can leave them alone now.

  34. On a positive note the Navy didn’t run into them. No ship damage no dead sailors. It’ a win win

  35. were these two “women” trying to find the isle of lesbos?

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