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Something for Fun

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  1. Pineapple with pizza on it. I see what you did there. That’s either a huge pineapple or the new Biden-era standard size pizza slice.

  2. TRF is correct, that shit don’t belong together, it is obscene, obnoxious, disturbing, unnatural and most likely; illegal.

  3. Funny you should ask Brad.
    I did. Worked biceps, triceps and some leg & calf work.
    I rarely work out or run on Thanksgiving but today it was good.

    However, there were a lot of annoying people there today.
    More than normal, and that’s saying something.
    Some chick had a tat right between her cleavage.
    Likely have to spread her boobs apart to make out what it was?

    Sat in the sauna for 24 minutes as well.
    Feel great now after stuffing my face.
    Working up an appetite is priceless.

    How about you? You do back/chest today?

  4. Tri’s shoulders. I love the push pull. But I’ve been fighting a bad shoulder.
    Any gym now seems to be half stripper club. What some of these women
    /Girls wear to the gym doesn’t leave much to the imagination.
    You wrecked my joke. But that’s OK. The gym is the answer to all the questions

  5. I had pineapple and ham on pizza for the first time at a Pizza Hut in Curacao while we were on our honeymoon many years ago. They called it “special pizza” and was only available at that particular franchise. It was one of those “destinations” that tourists would go to.
    I liked it. It was novel. I wouldn’t want to have it every day…

  6. LBS / Brad,

    Went Mountain biking on the snow covered trails today.
    So much harder with all the resistance.

    I was descending in a sweeping right turn and High Sided after a jump. I flew over a large fallen tree. All you could smell was fresh broken pine wood & cedar.

    I feel like a million bucks!

    Possibly 1 more ride Saturday until the tougher trails become to icy and switch to weights.

  7. Re: Pizza:

    It’s a very Canadian Thing. They claim it was invented here.
    Ham, Double Cheese, Pineapple but I add Chili Pepper Flakes.

    Hot/Sweet/Salty with an Ice Cold Beer!

    Be Brave, It won’t Kill you.

  8. Kcir, that sounds like a fun ride.
    I really enjoy mountain biking.
    I generally only use three gears but I can generate a lot of torque.

    Brad, it seems chicks only work their asses, even when they need not.
    Hell, the largest muscle group cloaked in the most fat and these dumb bitches want to make it larger and more disproportionate.

  9. Brad, I also have a nagging shoulder injury.
    My left AC joint is messed up.
    Have to be clever to work around it, can’t do certain sets.

  10. If it ain’t hamburger/cheese/onions OR pepperoni/mushrooms topped with hot pepper flakes no thanks. But you gots to have a thin crust or it’s double time on the lift/tucks/rolls and crushes.

    only diet root beer please and no pickles!

  11. To me, there is no wrong answer when it comes to pizza. I see it as a delivery system for whatever you wanna top it with. Frankly, on pizza is the only way I can eat pineapple.

  12. Yep Brad, the AC joint gets a lot of play during the bench press.
    Also, bicep curls because there is a tendency to cheat the bar on the beginning of the concentric portion.

    I don’t bench now because of it.
    I do dips and machine chest cross-overs.

  13. Speaking of pizza, Albertsons Signature brand thin crust is the best deal and taste on the frozen market.
    Supreme has good amount and tasty toppings.
    Not huge but sell for only 2 to 5 bucks, usually 2$ on sale…
    Not a ton of bread, which I grow weary of thick bready pizza.

  14. @Jellybean Then I am obscene, obnoxious, disturbing, unnatural and most likely; illegal. And proud of it. If it’s any consolation beans should NEVER be in chili!

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  16. LTTP:ps /Cure-for-too-bready-pizza-fixes / :

    Use more Tomato

    Add Other H20 with Flavor Moisturizers
    Porta Bellas are almost Perfect

  17. Dr. Hambone, a couple of mushroom jokes for you, Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he was a fungi and Why did it leave the party? Because there wasn’t mushroom. I’m not a big mushroom fan either.


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