Something Satanic is What I See

NM writes:

Saw this on a Facebook, it’s advertising Anderson Cooper’s appearance in Toronto for something called Unique Lives and Experiences.

One commenter posted this photo with the comment,”What exactly is happening in the picture above little Andy’s bed?”


Cooper is the kid in the foreground who looks like the banjo player in Deliverance. Mommy is Gloria Vanderbilt.


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  1. You guys have far richer internal lives than mine. I just see a sad attempt at art by somebody who can’t do it.

  2. Something is definitely rotten in Denmark. It looks they’ve been mind numbingly hypnotized into believing that everything is OK when it’s apparently not. Sort of like the democrap party with all their lies, half lies and untruths about everything that President Trump has done for the good of America and the World over the past 2 years. Mom’s got a Cheshire cat shit eating grin, the kid on the bottom all cross eyed looks like a moron and the kid in the middle has got that deer in the headlight look like something bad is about to happen. And do crescent moons and Satanic representations/symbols all seemingly go together? Or am I reading too much into it.

  3. If that is so called art representing Unique Lives and Experiences I don’t want to have anything to do with it. It’s like a scene from a nightmare or an episode of The Twilight Zone where everything is obscured and out of order.

  4. Unique Lives and Experiences
    Andy’s “unique” experiences included getting ramrodded by every freak that Mommy brought home.

  5. @Illustr8r:

    I have a bigger problem with the overuse of pink gingham.

    An anagram of “Pink Gingham” is Hang Imp King and I think he’s sitting on that top bar slightly right of center. He looks like a small Mrs. Buttersworth bottle.

  6. ‘getting ramrodded by every freak that Mommy brought home’.
    Damn, that’s cold.
    However after seeing her Brillo pad,,,
    it’s still sickening to ponder about.

  7. There are some even more bizarre pictures out there. I’d post them but I don’t want anyone to connect their memory of having seen them with what they might think of me.

  8. What the hell are they doing sitting on top of a quilt? That’s the fastest way to ruin the stitching.

    BTW, does Gloria Vanderbitch wear all that costume jewelry in a lightning storm?

  9. Artistic representation of satanic worship which can also be found in occult/freemasonry tech logos that we all have seen, but not thought about. Google and Facebook definitely use this symbolism. This has just been pointed out by someone who was just made aware of it.

    “This must not be very widespread knowledge, because I never saw this before. I went over everything carefully and confirmed this 100 percent. This is not rumor. As it turns out, the top tech companies directly lifted all their prominent logos straight from freemasonry and luciferianism. ”


    The rest of it is just plain weird. It looks like the child is being burned as a sacrifice to Molech, like the Bohemian Grove Republicans enjoy watching.

  11. These pics were up on the Q board months ago. There are lots more creepy pics of this family and other deep state shitheads.

  12. Not satanic. Just cultural appropriation of Hispanic retablos, which are little folk art altars that peasants make and keep in their homes in Mexico and Central and South America. They have some traditional Catholic iconography and then often add their own personal or local touches. Looks like Mary in mourning and angels flanking Christ entombed. Body parts are probably ex voto symbols that are hung near altars in churches and shrines to signify ailments for which the faithful are requesting cures.
    It’s primitive art (or a New York artist’s copy of it) and represents a simple faith but I don’t think it’s satanic.
    The crazymaking, diabolical aspect is the New York parent who would hang this confusion over a child’s bed –and surround him with pink gingham wallpaper!!
    Sad family, really. As I recall, the older brother walked off the apartment balcony to his death, in front of Anderson, who grew up to hang a huge picture of his mother over his bed in his bachelor apartment. This was documented in Vanity Fair many years before he came out as gay (who knew?!), which was many years ago when I actually read that magazine once in a while.

  13. She’s dressed like the bride of Lucifer and ready to convene a sacrificial black mass.
    Maybe this is when she relinquished her little cocksuckers to the dark one.


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