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Something Stinks In Georgia

Emerald Robinson:
Let’s begin with a basic truth that most of the corporate media continually ignore or obscure: President Trump’s endorsement is the single most powerful force in the universe of American politics. There’s never been anything quite like it. Trump-endorsed candidates overwhelmingly prevailed in the latest GOP primaries by a margin of 24-4. In fact, President Trump is running the table on the GOP establishment in the 2022 races. His record stands at 92-7 at the moment.

Trump’s endorsement basically won the race for JD Vance in Ohio, and for Ted Budd in North Carolina. In Pennsylvania, his endorsement did the same thing for Doug Mastriano in the governor’s race. This has happened again and again in 2022. Remember, Trump’s record is 92-7.

That’s what makes the primary results in Georgia last night so curious and so suspect.

Georgia is the only state where President Trump’s endorsements did not count.

(Photo: VP Pence rallies for Brian Kemp and only 100 people show up — but Kemp wins the race with 72% of the vote?)

President Trump had endorsed quite a few candidates in Georgia, including David Perdue in the gubernatorial race with Brian Kemp, and Jody Hice in the race for Secretary of State against Brad Raffensperger. His endorsements were decisive in almost every political race in America this year. So why was Georgia such an outlier?

Sure, Georgia is an open primary state — Democrats are allowed to vote in the GOP primaries there — but that’s not the real story. Look at the RCP polling average: Brian Kemp was getting 52% of the votes and his main challenger, David Perdue, was getting 38% of the votes just before the race.

On Primary Day in Georgia, Kemp gets 74% and Perdue gets 22%. Nobody in any election in America gets 74% of the votes. Ever. It doesn’t happen. more

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  1. Welp, when you do nothing to stop the cheat, you really shouldn’t be surprised when the cheat doesn’t stop.

  2. Like I said before, Tank Abrams is the next Governor of Georgia. The Devil has definitely went down here, and he may have been lookin’ for a soul to steal, but he found an election instead. A few of them, in fact.

    Fire on the mountain, run, boys, run…as a Democrat or RINO if you want to win.

  3. as long as GA is an open primary state, GA will be run by d’rats

    why is this so complicated?

  4. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Raffensperger eeked out just enough votes to avoid a runoff with Jody Hice who was up by 30+ points (with 60% in a 4 person race) in a poll a month ago. I also don’t buy for a second that Kemp won all 159 counties in GA – he ain’t that popular. This is obvious fraud by Raffensperger and Kemp and I hope someone can get the actual ballots to review immediately. If even a small county can recount and find that Kemp didn’t win it as reported, it would throw the whole deal into question. And as Emerald points out, the identical percentages in 122 counties for Witt (Ins. Comm.) can only be achieved through a computer algorithm.

    Kemp and Raffensperger are completely corrupt (we already knew that). I hope and pray that they cheated too much and too obviously in this case and that someone was paying very close attention such that they will be exposed for their stolen elections.

  5. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ – the democrats had several down ballot races that were very competitive (and vote totals were more than ever for the dems), so I don’t think dems crossing over to vote R played much of a role. Certainly not enough of a role to give Kemp a 52% margin over Perdue.

  6. Until we stop the fixings, it won’t stop! The fix is in for November!

    New Demonrat voters arriving at the southern border and set up all over the red states every day!

  7. GWB’s Canucks! Bush has been a degenerate for 60 years! But he has also been smart! He learned 65 years ago that who counts the votes is what counts! NOT WHO VOTES! Bush had DOMINION in place!

    I said 3 months ago the Bush’s Canuks would fabricate a liberal win; just as they did 2 years ago nationaly!

    GWB has always been a very bad man; but he has also been pretty smart. As the national election 2020 and the Ga election 2022 plainly show!

    As long as GWB’s Dominion counts “the votes” a conservative WILL NEVER WIN! Bush’s role model told us 122 years ago “..IT WHO COUNTS THE VOTES!”! Uncle JOE WAS DEAD RIGHT!

  8. Bubba’s Brother
    MAY 27, 2022 AT 12:41 AM
    “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ – the democrats had several down ballot races that were very competitive (and vote totals were more than ever for the dems), so I don’t think dems crossing over to vote R played much of a role.”


    Or maybe they got more than one ballot, so they could vote on both sides.

    You know, like Democrats do.

  9. What we tolerate; we get. In spades.

    If you get an ear infection and just ignore it, it gets all runny and smells like ass.
    You HAVE to take your tetracycline (or whatever) and cure it.

    We’ve allowed election fraud (Treason) to dominate our politics since (at least) Obola’s 2nd term. The National Socialist Demonrats had only to defraud 4 or 5 states to swing the election – but they figured: why take a chance? I’m all in! (as they say in Texas Hold ‘Em).
    Thus, election fraud has spread like a plague.
    The longer we allow it, the worse it becomes.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Told ya that this stunk.

    What also stinks is the situation in Uvalde, close enough to an NRA gig that prominent people are going to.

    Ain’t every day that some poor schlep can run out on his 18th birthday and buy an expensive Georgia rifle 🤔

  11. They stopped vote counting in PA so the demtard photocopiers could push mohammedan Ooze over the top!!!

  12. It’s almost like anything is better than a Democrat. Trump endorsed Oz, another dumbass mistake. Wait until the real campaigning begins, the Dims are going to blame everything on Trump and his Warp Speed jab. Biden’s regime quickly went the other direction early in Biden’s reign. They tried to take credit for the Warp Speed jab, but as they saw the detriment it’s causing, they quickly gave the kudos back to Trump for the jab.

    Now we’re seeing the lawsuits coming, but, no one can sue for damages. Suck it up suckas they got us by the balls. Glad to remain a pure blood.

  13. @Max May 27, 2022 at 4:18 am

    > Until we stop the fixings, it won’t stop!

    The “fix” was in, the moment you agreed, that letting The Party decide who would be listed on The Party’s ballots, meant “voting” mattered.

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