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Something “Wong” At Prince’s Paisley Park

If you’re in the mood for something uplifting to see the year out, I’ve got just the performer for you, Cory Wong. This session happened earlier this month in Cory’s hometown of Minneapolis. Watch

Cory and the Wongnotes on ice released just this week (because Minnesota, silly). The acoustics at a hockey rink are amazing. Here

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  1. I half-expected to see Jackass Joe ice fishing in the background!
    Seriously tho, I haven’t hoid anyone play the Bass Zamboni like that since Max Bennett in 1969 on Chunga’s Revenge!

  2. I used to help out at the local arena as a kid(free ice time) and would stand at center ice and say “hey” or “boo” at just above a normal speaking voice and it would boom all through the arena. I don’t know if it was the ice,the boards and glass,or the shape of the roof but it was really cool. Allways wanted to set up my amp and guitar and crank out my tired overplayed chords for fun.


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