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Sony To Resume Vinyl Record Production


DC: Sony Music Entertainment announced this week that it will resume production of vinyl records. This will be the first time the company has pressed its own records since production ceased in 1989.

The resumed production is in response to a recent skyrocket in consumer demand from reminiscent older generations and young people inspired by club and festival culture.  more here

SNIP: I can’t wait for the 8-track tapes!

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  1. An audiophile friend of mine raves about playing songs on vinyl.
    I’m sorry, but can’t tell the difference between a song played from a CD, tape or album. I lost my fine hearing by shooting loud firearms and riding loud motorcycles in my youth.

  2. My old shit just got more valuable….I ain’t that hopeful for my cassette player/recorder….

  3. Hisss, pop, scraaaatch. There is your dose of reminiscence for today.

  4. When I was younger, before CDs got fine-tuned, I could have sworn LPs on a decent system did have more of a warmth or “presence” that CDs lacked, whereas CDs were unrealistically sharp, like a TV with the contrast set too high. Now I can’t tell the difference either, what with one ear half-deaf.

  5. Trust me. I’m in the biz and it’s real. Can’t say I understand it, but it is happening in a pretty big way.

    As for me, iPhone, Spotify and a decent Bluetooth speaker works just fine. I’ve got lots of pre barcode albums if anybody wants them.

    Admittedly the 12 x 12 artwork was more interesting than the CD Format. Especially the 3D stuff, colored vinyl, and movable things like Led Zeppelin zoso and rod Stewart ooh la la.

    Fun days but they’re over for me.

  6. Tinnitus prevents true appreciation of any music, though I DO love it and what it can do for the soul!

  7. The best music is the music I’ve got permanently recorded in me noggin. I can change pitch and tempo on demand. But music from the 70s on vinyl is much better than their copies on CDs/DVDs. 70s music was engineered. They don’t do that no more.

  8. I offered up my collection generally, but not the timely EP ‘”So afraid of the Russians” by Made for TV. 1983.
    Something’s just never get old apparently.

  9. First CD I ever listened to was Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on a high end system. Already had the LP. Just the heartbeats and clock at the beginning made me jump off off the couch. Was unbelievably clear after listening to vinyl LPs for years.

  10. Digital on vinyl? Why? I like the old, unprocessed sound, even if every song is “beside a crackling fire.” It’s authentic and romantic.

  11. To believe LPs sound better than digital requires ignoring the hiss, rumble, ticks and pops that are there no matter how good the playback system. I could never do that even in my golden-eared youth. Nothing destroys the pleasure of listening to a favorite more surely than a pop or click that wasn’t there before. I do not miss vinyl, not one little bit. Album cover art, though… Sigh.

  12. “Never mind”. I just read that Sony will produce analog lps. Guess I need to dust off the Garrard.

  13. I still have a Miracord turntable from early 1970s, with a set of Wharfdale speakers from around 1968.
    The Wharfedales are around 50 pounds each.
    I’ve updated the amplifier/tuner as I’ve updated home theater system (moving older unit to the old system).
    I’ve added a CD to replace the old reel to reel.
    Records have never been stacked on a multiple play spindle, and are all in their original packaging.
    It still kicks, especially classical music and collection of old Boston Pops with Arthur Feiidler.

  14. Weird how I still have songs and spoken word tracks engrained in memory with dusty LP overlays even though I have heard true, clean versions since.

  15. @shrimpngrits. Got my old 70s Yamaha rolling with a new cartridge. It’s not too shabby.

  16. don’t care what anybody sez, my original yellow 45 of the Mighty Mouse theme song, with ever hiss, pop, crackle, played on my old Victrola is soooooooooooo much better than the digital version on ITunes
    …no comparison!

  17. How about listing old vinyls that you actually own and that very few people remember?

    Such as; Wringle Wrangle by Fess Parker.

  18. I suspect there’s necrophilia between those two. ^^

  19. I’m so frigging cheap, I capture the song streams off the yootube
    pages and copy them to a thumb drive. 🙂

    The last vinyl I had was probably CCR Greatest Hits in the 70’s.

    I gotta play around capturing yahoo radio, I know there’s a way.

  20. Funny thing about the new vinyl s that it is much more meticulously manufactured than any of the RCA Dynaflex and similar crap that used to be made. It is now manufactured with virgin vinyl and it closely monitored.

  21. The record’s stuck…the record’s stuck…the record’s stuck….

  22. The last I checked, G_D was still issuing analog ears; Digital stuff? Let me know when the sampling rate increases by several orders of magnitude and they stop truncating the waves.

    On my stereo (not computer, cell phone, or eye whatever) digital sources sound ‘flat and lifeless.’ Vinyl is superior, it has a three dimensional soundstage; care in handling and playback on decent equipment preserves the medium. No drinking and handling records!

  23. Don’t people realize that most all of today’s recording start in the digital domain. Putting those digital recordings on an analogue vinyl disc doesn’t change anything. You are only as good as the weakest link. At age 73, my upper end hearing tapers off at 10K hertz. I love the low noise floor of the cd. Vinyl has a high noise floor.

  24. Is hip hop rap the cause? Scratching up records is part of their sound.

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