Soon Minorities Will Be Asking For Police Body Cams To Be Banned

A 14 year-old hispanic kid was fatally shot by a cop. The attorney for the family said the kid was unarmed. When a gun was found he said the officer fired first.

You decide. Here’s the footage.

Note that when the officer walks up to the victim on the ground, with both hands on his firearm, the gun can be seen on the parking lot ground on the other side of the iron fence.

When I was a kid we used to do stupid stuff, some idiotic vandalism, and sometimes the cops would show up and we’d run. They’d chase after us. We never ended up dead. Not because we were white, it’s because WE DIDN’T HAVE HANDGUNS WHEN WE WERE 14!!!!!


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  1. Yep, bodycams are a huge benefit to anyone who cares about the law.
    And terrible for anyone trying to lie about what happened.
    I would love to see them on anyone likely to be in a confrontational situation.

  2. When an officer’s future is decided by a trier of facts, a judge, a jury, or an administrative body, video evidence is priceless.

  3. All this recent bodycam footage seems to show the police were right to do what they had to do. It seems that all these non-whites are lying and makes me suspicious of every claim they make.

  4. I don’t care. Well, that’s not true. I do care. I’m glad he’s dead and the officers got to go home that night.
    He needed killing and the police performed a community service by shooting home.
    God bless them from removing this demon from our midst.
    I ran from a cop once at that age and never in a million years would it have occurred to even point a toy gun at a cop let alone a real one.
    I guess I wasn’t raised a sociopath from a third-world culture.

  5. There was an outcry when obama/Holder, having failed to get a GJ indictment against the cop in Ferguson, required all LEO wear body cameras.

    Aside from the expense and intention to police the police, I was actually in favor of this, as I predicted it would backfire on them. Unintended consequences.

  6. “No gun.”

    Yes, there is a gun.

    “Well, it don’t matter none cuz the cop fired first!”

    Does this argument only sound sophomoronic to me? Isn’t there supposed to be a Judge who rules on stupid shit like this? This sounds completely middle-school.

    “Oh yeah? You’re one too!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I only watched the video twice, I can’t tell what happened. Though it looked like a long race.

    Can anybody tell me what they saw/heard?

    Math is hard.

  8. If you start to get involved in a gunfight….
    and you wait for the other person to fire first
    . . Your tactics suck, & you are libel to lose

  9. This type of revealing the lie
    by camera has been happening
    a lot. Most of the time it’s on
    the news because a brown person
    figured they’d play the “get out
    of jail brown race card” Obama gave them.
    The cameras he thought would screw
    the cops are nailing his criminal
    pets instead. How truly good!

  10. The video shows the LEO was already around the corner and out of camera range when the sho was fired. The bad guy is visible on the ground, we don’t see the body cam of the LEO who ran around the corner, a gun is inside the fence.

    What am I missing here?

  11. The scumbag left pissed and moaned until they forced LEO’s to wear bodycams to prove cops were bad. Now that they find out THEIR own scumbags are the ones that are at fault now they want them off. FUKEM!

  12. Why have we made the police’s job so impossibly hard?
    The officers have to run until breathless,
    recite poetry of bs without flaw,
    be ‘sensitive’ to every diverse culture of failure,
    show endless patience,
    put their mortality on the line at any moment,
    endure angry harassment from ungrateful communities they serve,
    do mountains of paperwork,
    worry that the next Judge they face could be a politically motivated alcoholic.

    The legal standard needs to be restored: cop tells you to stop and you decide to run, you asked to be shot, not to compete in an athletic event.

    All this pandering and toying with criminals costs us big bucks. Including the holding pens for the lazy and mentally ill. Bring back the chain gangs.

  13. Nice shot!
    That was quite a distance for a pistol, especially after running for so long.

    Next thing you know they will be screaming that the police are too physically fit for street duty – ’cause they can catch the innocen….young thugs.


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