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Soon-to-be first Muslim congresswoman arrested at rally in Detroit Rashida Tlaib, who is a lock to replace disgraced Democrat John Conyers in the U.S. House of Representatives, was arrested Tuesday with 17 others Tuesday during a labor rally in Detroit.

Hundreds marched down Woodward Avenue to a McDonald’s as part of a national walkout of workers from McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and other chains organized by the Fight for $15, which demands a $15-per-hour minimum wage, The Detroit News  reports.

Amazon, which is among the biggest, wealthiest corporations in the world, announced Monday it would voluntarily up its minimum wage to $15 an hour. This was a decision Amazon could more easily afford to make, thanks to President Donald Trump’s tax cuts.

But Democratic-Socialists like Tlaib don’t want such decisions to be left up to the folks who own and operate companies. They want this decision to be mandated by government. In the absence of a government edict, they will resort to intimidation tactics like we saw Tuesday on the streets of Detroit. They openly rail against capitalism and get cheered on by dumb college students across the U.S.

Tlaib, a Palestinian-American, is far from alone in her hatred of capitalist America. She was joined at Tuesday’s rally by Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, the failed Democrat candidate for governor of Michigan who lost in the August primary.  read more

6 Comments on Soon-to-be first Muslim congresswoman arrested at rally in Detroit

  1. I was going to ask her party affiliation. I had assumed it might be the “Submit and Convert to Islam or Die Party” but then I saw that she is a (d). I guess there really isn’t that much difference though…

  2. In muslim countries, women can’t even drive let alone be elected. (yea, I know, SA just let them drive). But here they are put forward for elected offices. Gee, could this be a ruse to fool the infidels?

  3. If they had any brains they’d be fighting to stop the government from spending so much money that the Fed has to fabricate over a trillion new dollars each year, thus devaluing our currency. If this were a free country and we still operated under the Constitution there would be no minimum wage, nor a need for one. At the rate of growth of the debt that were currently experiencing in a few years everyone will be making minimum wage.

    Oh wait, that’s the communist’s goal isn’t it?

  4. Hell, that’s a badge of honor in Detroit. That will actually get her more votes.


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