Soros Blows Cash On California DA Races And Comes Up Empty

DC: Three George Soros-backed district attorney candidates lost in California’s Sacramento, San Diego, and Alameda counties after Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Soros and several donors, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, put millions of dollars into four California district attorney races in hopes of electing criminal justice reform-minded judges.

The judges running against Soros’s candidates won by comfortable margins. Conservative Sacramento incumbent Anne Marie Schubert won, getting 64 percent of the vote in Sacramento. Incumbent Republican Summer Stephan in San Diego County received roughly two thirds of her district’s votes. Alameda County incumbent District Attorney Nancy O’Malley also won her race at 60 percent.  MORE

8 Comments on Soros Blows Cash On California DA Races And Comes Up Empty

  1. That’s great! There is nothing more satisfying than watching liberals squander large sums of cash for losing causes.

    Jeb! Hillary! Soros. Tom Steyer spent big and came up empty.

  2. Money is not important in elections. This is a liberal lie!
    The bush/Rove syndicate has spent $4,000,000 backing 6 leftist politicians this century. 5 of the 6 lost even though out spending their opponents more than 2:1!

    The acme of the futility of $, and Bush/Rove leftism in particular, is Scott Brown. In ’10 this leftist ran as a conservative; He fooled most folk, including me, Sarah Palin’s folk went door to door for him. Coakley out spent him better than 2:1 – guess who won?
    But once in the Senate he joined the Bush/Rove team. Voted either far left or left consistently. The Bush/Rove syndicate gave him $x,xxx,xxx for his re-election. He outspent Pocahontis over 3:1! One more time – GUESS WHO WON?! And it was not a close race!

    The LSM said it was because she was so great! WRONG. His liberal “Compassionate Conservative” lies turned off the very folk that won him the election in ’10! Pocahontis was not popular the liberal Bush/Rove liar was hated for saying he was not a progressive Bushie!

  3. Don’t get cold feet, Keith Ellison. I’m sure you’ll do much better than those losers. But I’d get some earnest money from Soros, out of an abundance of caution.

  4. FYI…
    If this is collaboration, Uncle George was a member of the elite SS. They wore black uniforms and were supposed to be the best of the best.

  5. Sacramento’s very liberal, Democrat, Mayor Steinberg, a political heavyweight, endorsed the Republican winner in the District Attorney race. What’s that tell ya?

  6. “Soros Blows Cash On California DA Races……”

    What you really mean is Soros blows and contraire to nature….he also sucks!


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