Soros Put $33 Mil Towards The Trashing of Ferguson – IOTW Report

Soros Put $33 Mil Towards The Trashing of Ferguson

While Trayvon Martin’s death suggested possibilities for urban unrest, it was Michael Brown’s Ferguson, MO that really got the ball rolling and it was George Soros who bankrolled the radicals who took it to a national level.



12 Comments on Soros Put $33 Mil Towards The Trashing of Ferguson

  1. He must have a hell of a personal security detail. This former nazi should have been executed decades ago.
    He is the true Dr Evil.

  2. For $33 million he could buy Ferguson, MO.
    You have funded racism, anarchy and destruction. Soros wants control? Try to control the thugs, drug dealers, murderers, gangs and anarchists.

  3. notice the lawyers don’t go after him with lawsuits for his actions and their consequences against the American people.
    lawyers stick together. they like Americans suffering, good for their business.

  4. @PHenry, I suspect you’re correct that he does have quite the security detail but I don’t think he’ll die a natural death. He’s created a lot of hate out there stretching all the way back to the holocaust when he and his dad made a business out of turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis for a profit and any security can be beaten by a lone man. Soros has made too many enemies over the years.

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