Soros the Monster

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  1. I remember it and I could never figure out why he wasn’t deported like von Braun. I seem to recall him taking cash for turning in other jews.

  2. Anyone know the size or lenght limit for uploading a video to twitter is? I’m about to find out. I have the whole thing, 13:27′, 32.5MB.

  3. If Youre Christian Neighbors Were Roasted To Death , Would You Be OK Stealing Their Possesions Because Someone Had to Do it ???
    Luckily For The NAZIS They Found a Phsychotic Boy, Who Sounds Like He Had NO Problem Stealing or Working With Them ! Not One Mention of How Bad it was Working With NAZIS, and the Reporter Gave Him An Out He Didn’t Take !

  4. If anyone ever deserved to be sent to the gas chambers, there’s your man. What a disgusting piece of shit.

  5. “I was only a spectator.”

    Uttered in total dead-pan mode. So, how exactly do you describe yourself today, you filthy globalist son of SATAN?!?

  6. There’s a very special place in Hell waiting for old George. Unfortunately, jellybean is correct. His scummy son is ready to step into the old bastard’s shoes and has been primed to take over.

  7. George is right about one thing, though. There’s no morality in financial trading. He seems to be trying to compensate for this deficiency with philanthropy. Better than nothing, I suppose, but still…

  8. the CBS interview was a nerfball interview. The fact is, Soros the despicable hateful piece of shit didn’t “stand by” while Jewish Hungarians’ property was being taken away. He actively informed on other Hungarian Jews, outing them and exposing them to the fascist thugs of Admiral Horthy and the National SOCIALISTS in Hungary, like Adolf Eichmann.

    He was a JINO – born Jewish but Jewish in name only. His parents were big Socialists in Hungary and total Atheists. Soros’s parents gave their son George the amoral foundation on which he built his palace of evil.

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