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Sorry Dude, But I’m Not Upset

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  1. What’s he complaining about, they changed the name of the team or is that supposed to be a demand that the Atlanta Braves or the Kansas City Chiefs change their names now?

  2. As a once fervent Redskins fan and season ticket holder and a former NFL fan, Washington Commies seems appropriate.
    I no longer watch.

    Piss off.

  3. Indians are masters of sarcasm. My grandma could leave you laughing every time. late after pow wows it was all self-deprecating jokes. Don’t get me wrong everyone was open to the humor. All people got their turn.

  4. How (yes, pun intended. OMG sometimes I kill myself) now where was I?
    Oh yes, how many American Indians play professional sports. I’m not talking about being 1/1024th either.
    Tom Brady may have high cheek bones but that is just not enough. As far as his shirt I liked it but the comments above would probably make if funnier.

  5. Uncle Al
    SEPTEMBER 27, 2022 AT 6:05 PM
    “T-shirt should say HONKIES.

    Or maybe WAAT DEBBULS.”

    …I kind of like “gweilo” instead.

    For maximum linguistic and etymological confusion and cross-cultural appropriation.

  6. Team names… power, courage, honor, a highly respected adversary…. Sooo…. I suppose it’s a solid shirt… except… you don’t name the team after those who vanquished you and incidentally, took over the entire world… then gave it back! It’s kind of like winning a bet and refusing to take the winnings from the loser. Really messes with his head, not nice to do. A cause of our current problems with the BIPOC folk.

  7. @ Huron SEPTEMBER 27, 2022 AT 6:11 PM

    Masters of sarcasm and outstanding judges of character. I have spent a lot of time among tribal members and they can spot a bullshitter right off.

  8. White liberals do not want “Social Justice” for us Injuns, they want to erase us entirely from the awareness of every race. They seek to remove every single identity that white folk thought up for us thereby redacting us from any social context.

    Liberals are the most racist patronizing bigoted motherfuckers on the planet…

    I am literally a redskin. Most white folk think I’m tragically sunburned, have HBP, or rosesachia bless their hearts. I was born looking like Hellboy. Red as a beet, hair black as coal, and pissed off enough to take scalps.

    Fact is we are the most sardonic and sarcastic of all races, minus most of the bigotry, our sense of irony is not fertile ground for stupidity. Despair perhaps but not stupidity.

  9. That aint shit. You want to see racism? Try working in an “Indian” casino. Especially the apache, those people are the most racist on the planet.


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