Sorry hombre, no hablas español

American Thinker:
By Sarah Lilly

Ann Coulter once said that sometimes it can be difficult to debate liberals because every so often, they say something so incomprehensibly stupid that you don’t even know how to respond. This is one of those moments.

Imagine being so daft that you don’t know that Spanish comes from Spain.  Guaranteed, the person who wrote the above excerpt took out at least $100K in debt to attend a mediocre university and thinks there are an infinite number of genders.

But rather than try to convince leftists that this philosophy is unintelligible and racist, I am in total agreement with them.  Speaking another civilization’s language is indeed cultural appropriation, and I won’t stand for such bigotry.  That’s why I propose that from this point forward, Central Americans should no longer be allowed to speak Spanish.  They must now speak Aztec. more

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  1. Funny I know several Spaniards who find it difficult to understand “Mexican”. But your point is well taken. Formally schooled libs are some of the most obnoxious and ill-educated people out there.

  2. Let’s keep encouraging this. People who say stupid shit like this will soon be one of the contestants for the Darwin Award. Native Americans consider Spaniards white.

    One thing that gives me hope for the future is the amazing number of younger people and minorities who are conservatives. Trump’s press secretary McEnany is a millennial! Next time you’re reading/watching vids from some of the conservative sites take note. These folks know the left from direct personal experience and are not shy about bashing their idiocy. The left is still holding on to the ‘old white male’ trope for conservatives and it’s falling apart.

  3. Then our government has no business printing any government document in Spanish. That’s straight-up colonialism.

  4. My first Spanish teacher was Chinese – Mrs. Toy – She was very smart and spoke four languages.

  5. I am told that I spoke German before I spoke English…. Left Germany when I was 4. Don’t remember much as it was not reinforced. Lived in Naples, Italy in my teens and learned a little napoletano, where I could carry on a very basic conversation, but was completely incomprehensible North of Rome…. Again, I don’t remember much for the same reason. That stated, one of my best friends comes from El Salvador and I refuse to attempt to learn that Spanish lingo so he has to speak with me in Englais. Yeah, I’m just a hater.

  6. …I learned Spanish just in time for it to become the Third most spoken language in my plant, behind bastard African Muslim French and Cambodian.

    English is 4th.

    …it is not possible to learn enough languages to interact with the modern UN workforce. Mostly I use grunts and gestures, enough to get by. They sometimes pretend to understand English, but their actions prove they don’t, and the “African Nod” is where an African will enthusiastically nod his head yes when you ask if he understood something, then he immediately destroys it to demonstrate that he was lying, is a well-known phenomenon on the campus.

    I never let on that I understand my Central Americans now though, so I sometimes get some unofficial opinions that way that were not meant for gringos…

  7. Frankly, Annie’s TDS doesn’t exactly make her all that different from the liberals she’s bashing.

  8. …I kind of think P.J.O’Rourke summarized this well…

    “The conquistadors weren’t as civilized as our own founding fathers; they fucked the Indians before they killed them.”
    -O’Rourke, “Holidays In Hell”

    …explains a LOT about both their language AND appearance, as most “Hispanics” are at LEAST as White as Barry “Obama” Soetoro is…


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