Sorry, I Find the First American Muslim Medalist, Ibtihaj Muhammad, To Be an Insufferable Twit

Let’s all get breathless, Ibtihaj Muhammad won a medal!!!!  A team bronze. Wow. Where are all the other breathless profiles of team bronze medalists?


So, where’s the twit part?

I’ll let the commenters at WSJ do the talking.

Conrad Ferreiro – Why doesn’t she use her platform and new-found prominence to condemn the acts of violence committed in the name of her religion?  Is that hard?
ENID HINKES – “In the run-up to Rio, Muhammad was outspoken about the discrimination she encountered as a Muslim woman, even as an Olympian. She has her religious headscarf patted down at airports, and she was asked to remove the hijab for a registration photograph when she attended the South by Southwest festival this year.”

I do not call this discrimination on the part of others.  I call it a pathetic posture as a victim on her part, asking for special status because of her religion.

If she had been following the news for the last 15 years, she would realize that some in her faith have been -how shall we say it – a little bit hostile, like flying planes into buildings, shooting up Christmas parties and gay bars, and mowing down people with a truck. Sorry if you are offended by security procedures, but my elderly mother who had difficulty walking, had to remove her shoes, because of others of Ibtihaj’s faith, and she was not a Muslim.

Joseph Breton Congratulations on winning the medal. America is happy to have a non-violent, assimilated Muslim like you. Yet your statements are contradictory. 

“(Non-muslims) encourage fear and they encourage violence.” Kinda like “Death to America”…you know, something like that?

You speak against stereotypes of Muslims, yet also speak at length about YOUR stereotypes of non-Muslims…that they hate all Muslims because of the violence of a few. Not true…those w concerns about Muslims want only proper SCREENING to ensure your violent countrymen and women are not allowed in. In fact, as a female Muslim woman, being outspoken might make YOU the target of your countrymen.

If you want people to listen, do not speak in contradictions, and do not be a hypocrite. Practice what you preach.

David Weisz “We’re in a really peculiar time in our country, where people are comfortable saying things about particular groups,” Muhammad said.” 

Such people simply are drawing attention to the fact that Islam is the religion of misogyny, intolerance, and oppression of those practicing other religions and rejection of such ideas in the U.S.

“They encourage fear and they encourage violence. I want to challenge those ideas.”

Your time would be better spent in Islamic countries, where misogyny, intolerance, and oppression of other religions is woven into the fabric of society and is imbibed, like, Islam, with a mother’s milk–but of course in those countries you’d be stoned to death, imprisoned, forced to stay at home unless accompanied by a male relative, easily divorced by your husband…

“She has her religious headscarf patted down at airports…”

Only because your female coreligionists enjoy blowing themselves up to kill as many innocents as possible. 

Martin A Murcek The entire thrust of the article is that wearing some sort of head covering makes this person special.  How pathetic…

24 Comments on Sorry, I Find the First American Muslim Medalist, Ibtihaj Muhammad, To Be an Insufferable Twit

  1. “She has her religious headscarf patted down at airports…”

    What about her secular headscarf? Do they pat that down, too, or does it get a pass because it’s secular?

    A headscarf is neither religious nor secular – it’s a FUCKING HEADSCARF!

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Female, black, muzzie.
    That’s the trifirmative action winner.

    If she were gay it would be quadrafirmative.
    Of course being a gay muzzie would require she blow herself up.
    Oh wait…

  3. Wait for the photo op at the white house where all female reps will stand behind her dressed in headscarfs while 0bama gives her a recognition speech about himself.

  4. The only exceptional part of her feat was a Muslim armed with a sword didn’t harm or behead someone while screaming Allah Akbar. Let’s celebrate!

  5. My balls are holy because the doc squeezes them and has me cough to the right at the same time? Who knew?

  6. Wait ! She gets a bronze because all her non muslim team mates didn’t suck as bad as she?
    Well, isn’t she special, bless her heart.
    Maybe Phelps will let her kiss his 24 karat gold ass.

  7. Tirico may be the most annoying sportscaster on TV. Complete AA case, no talent. He does basketball, football, golf, and now the Olympics, and none of them well. He never seems to really understand where he is. Hey Mike, don’t worry about the sport, you don’t get paid to analyze or anything like that, just start your syrupy blathering. LIke Muhammed Ali? Do you see what I mean

  8. I watched some of the Olympics the other night because I wanted to see Michael Phelps compete. I had to endure NBC’s endless minority pandering. They spent most of the program singing the praises of the black female gymnast (can’t remember her name) so them focusing on this worthless muslima is no surprise.

  9. She should know better. She attended a top suburban high school in NJ. Plenty of Muslims along with all other religions.
    Some of the young people at that school lost parents on 9/11.

  10. Here’s the response the moslems dream about hearing:
    “Oh, your islamic religion is so superior to our religion. And we are so guilty of islamophobia and other heinous crimes against islam. You are so much better and wiser and holier than we infidels are. Please use your sword and lop off my infidel head, after I pay all the jizya I owe to you.”

    She can shove the medal, and the sword, up her stinking koran hole. And jump off a tall building. That’s the only Olympic moslem event I would watch.

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