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Sorry To Have To Report Mask Facts That Puncture Emotional People Invested In The Belief They Are Saviors of Mankind

US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health —– > Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. 

In high resource settings, disposable medical masks and respirators have long since replaced the use of cloth masks in hospitals. Yet cloth masks remain widely used globally, including in Asian countries, which have historically been affected by emerging infectious diseases, as well as in West Africa, in the context of shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE).1213 

In the interest of providing safe, low-cost options in low income countries, there is scope for research into more effectively designed cloth masks, but until such research is carried out, cloth masks should not be recommended. We also recommend that infection control guidelines be updated about cloth mask use to protect the occupational health and safety of HCWs.


In other words, your cloth mask ain’t doin’ shit, and could be making things worse.

But, if you believe strongly enough maybe the virus will make a u-turn and not go up your nose as you sniff the smug sniff of self-righteousness.

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  1. Apparently, a lot of mayors agree, too, since they’re exempting their state-related, local and fed offices from wearing them.
    But the rest of us HAVE to.
    Even if it’s just an Arby’s napkin placed over your mouth and tucked into your ears. LOL!

    I don’t care if people wear them, just don’t demand that I do, after all the info that’s coming out daily on how worthless masks are (whether they are well made and well used or not) and the reasons for wearing them.

  2. They are today’s version of the yellow Star of David, used to inculcate a sense of obedience to government bureaucrats. Any disease prevention benefits are grossly exaggerated if not entirely imaginary.

  3. Please don’t confuse my reporting about masks being ineffectual with any poo-pooing of the virus itself.

    It’s real, and it’s a danger to many who contract it.

  4. I haven’t worn one except to go into the hospital for appointments and the nephrologist, where there are a lot of immune compromised people sitting around.
    Yesterday for the first time I was given a hard time. Not by any business I entered. By customers.
    One woman followed me to the parking lot so she could look at me and shake her head disapprovingly and another soy boy said to my husband and I, forget your mask?
    He was happy with the waitress’ little plastic mask that sat an inch out from her face and only went to the bottom of her nose and moved every time she talked as it was anchored on her chin. Just shows it’s a fear and eagerness to comply with the gubmint.
    I think next time I’ll look at people like that and bleet like a sheep.

  5. I remember TB outbreaks in LA. No one said shit about it because it was illegals spreading it. No one was forced to wear masks for it, not even the ones who had it.

    We need to focus on hands and ass washing.
    Ok but wash your hands after you wash your asses, though. Don’t get em mixed up.

  6. BFH, from your own link under Covid 19 update;

    “Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others
    You could spread COVID-19 to others even if you do not feel sick.
    The cloth face cover is meant to protect other people in case you are infected.
    Everyone should wear a cloth face cover in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.
    Cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.
    Do NOT use a facemask meant for a healthcare worker. Currently, surgical masks and N95 respirators are critical supplies that should be reserved for healthcare workers and other first responders.
    Continue to keep about 6 feet between yourself and others. The cloth face cover is not a substitute for social distancing.”

    So the CDC is recommending cloth masks after all.

    This also illustrates what we discussed earlier, that the science is not settled on the efficacy of face masks in combating the spread of Covid.

  7. @MJA: Thanks for the public service announcement. I was wondering why a lot of flies were buzzing around my fingers.

  8. My problem with masks is, that about 95% of the folks that wear them, aren’t doing it correctly. So, I’m teasing folks about masks by asking someone what animal I’m pretending to be, and put my mask on. When they don’t get it, I start baaa ing like a sheep. And that’s usually when the fight starts 🙂

  9. To comply with Governor Dim Bulb’s edict, I strap this ‘thing’ on my face held on my ears with rubber bands and all it does is cover my mouth. When speaking, it sounds like I’m full of cotton.

    But the rubber band will break suddenly right when I’m talking with some scared Karen and then it just dangles off one ear. (Hey, I’m Irish and I flirt, okay?) And I say something like “Damn mask!” and the look on the Karen’s face could instantly freeze water. Occasionally, some guy will see this happen and laugh.

    I get to the check stand and announce, “It broke.” The checker smiles and is only wearing a plastic shield (what’s up with that?). “It doesn’t matter.”

    I love it when my mask breaks, which is almost every time I go to the grocery store now. 🙂 The rubber bands are held on with conveniently thin, weak staples.

  10. Jimmy lol1!!
    You know, when I was at the doctor’s office with one on, I kept sneezing in the office. (I mentioned before I have lint allergy) And she’s like ‘from the mask?’ I said, yup.
    She said, Yeah, it sucks but we’ll be stuck with them for a bit.
    Awww. Umm.. Well… Maybe try a different one.
    Yeah, bitch. Because fabric and paper masks are never lint-y.


  11. @MJA, an African in my husband’s office was diagnosed with TB after sitting there coughing for a month. Normally that would be big news in Portland, ME but even with a tip they ignored it. Can’t say anything against the Africans.CDC went in in hazmat suits and tested them and sterilized. The company made them sign a form saying they wouldn’t leak it out.

  12. Thank you C. Steven and Sir

    Apparently our county or state or whatever or maybe even just the private hospital went Mask Nazi during the week. I had no trouble getting in to see the radiologist on Friday. He indicated that if the issue would come up, for the desk to phone him. Relatively little resistance to me not wearing a mask Monday, Tuesday nor Wednesday. Apparently the radiologist didn’t clear that b.s. with the rent a cops.

    Yesterday a twerp tried to get me to tell him what my problem in wearing a mask . I told him Americans with Disabilities and added HIPPA. I wasn’t going to explain to him PTSD and that things take place sometimes in the life of a child that mark one for life, especially when they happen at the hands of mask wearing medical types.

    Today the honcho in security insisted I leave the hospital if I can’t wear a mask. Meaning the radiation treatments would possibly not be efficacious if there was more than one two day break in the 10 days of brain fry. The radiologist said just that during scheduling.

    I had an old fashioned panic attack. Grabbed the flippin mask, put it on for 20 seconds then pulled it under my chin. It’s amazing how much air comes into the sides and top of the mask when it is totally dry.

    I never put it back up, but was still shaking through the entire brain radiation even after they had already bolted my radiation mask to table to target my brain. Now, I’m nervous about what was hit with radiation because I was shaking so bad.

    I guess I’m saying I don’t need this crap.

  13. The virus is real, infection can be serious. But the reaction by State government has been pure unadulterated political opportunism and that in and of itself exempts me from playing along. Inslee can suck my ass.

  14. There was NO controversy over cloth face masks until a month of so ago. All health agencies agreed that they do not help.

    These “new” studies, such as the ones @richtaylor posted, all came AFTER the libtard left demanded masks be worn. They are as bullshit as the hydrochlo…. studies. Just studies designed to generate the results the left wants.

    I will add that a reporter for the BBC reported earlier in July that insiders at the WHO revealed to her that the ONLY reason the WHO CHANGED their recommendation from not wearing them to wearing them is because they got pushed by politicians. And when confronted by reporters about this, the WHO did not deny it.

    Anybody above idiot grade can see what happened here.

  15. I make my own out of #4 cone shape coffee filters. Warm, moist vapor will not bother the filter paper at all, it’s made for it! Attach longer rubber bands (For the ears) with duct tape or hot glue and you’re good to go. They’re a little hard to breath through, but that just means they are working good.

  16. I am trying to keep a sense of humor and a positive attitude, but I must admit that all of this mask wearing and shaming and fear and virtue signaling is giving me anxiety.

  17. My slightly odd mother in law just sent my wife a mask.

    A hand knitted mask.

    No, really.

    Kinda’ at a loss for words.

  18. ” …. all of this mask wearing and shaming and fear and virtue signaling is giving me anxiety.”

    That’s what it’s supposed to be doing.

    You don’t really think it”s really about a virus do you?

  19. I’m wondering if all these people that are forcing us to wear these mask’s aren’t doing it for ulterior motives.

    Maybe the mask’s will make us sick, so they can keep bitching about people being sick. Does that make sense?

    I wouldn’t put it past the Democrat’s to pull this kind of stunt.

  20. Aaron, with all fairness to your mother in law, the knit mask is equally effective to cloth or paper masks at stopping CoronaCold, and as an added bonus permit you to breathe. If you’re going to submit to the New World Order, might as well do it with oxygen!

  21. @Anonymous No, I do not think it’s about a virus. If it was, I would actually be less anxious.

  22. Gonad, when the virus first surfaced it was called Covid-N, N for “novel” which means they knew nothing initially and started from scratch. Remember they first said ventilators were needed then come to find out they were useless and exacerbated the illness. We know more now than we did last month and a whole lot more than we did in March. If you want to say that the CDC is politically driven, that’s fine, be skeptical, but be open to the possibility that the experts have a better handle on it then they did before so recommendations can change.

  23. NIdahoCatholic, thank you. Good point.

    It’s just…. she sends us knitted pot holders all the time. That’s sweet. Except her knitting loops are huge so there’s all these giant holes that allow your skin to get burnt..

    Same deal with the mask. Literally looks like a dog sweater got hit by a joe biden shot gun blast.

    May ask her to knit a canoe next.

  24. I remember when the obamas were stinking up the White House, and seeing these smugnoramuses driving around like zombies in their battery and midget cars adorned with’save the planet’ stickers.

    Some people have nothing inside them, so they seek out cults to belong to. Selling out their country in furtherance of their corrupt cult masters is no problem for them.

    Sad to say, but they’re expendable. It is a war we’re in after all.

  25. New York City has committed suicide. Only one person permitted inside an elevator car at a time.

    HT//Ann Barnhardt

    There is a lot more in this outstanding article

    The lockdown mandates employed mind-numbingly arbitrary distinctions. Wine stores and pot dispensaries were deemed “essential” and thus allowed to stay open; medical offices were required to close. Large grocery stores got the green light; small retail establishments with only a few customers each day were out of luck. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer notoriously used her red pen within megastores to bar the sale of seeds, gardening supplies, and paint.

    It was already clear when these crushing mandates started pouring forth that shutting down every corner of the country was a reckless overreaction. By mid-March, two weeks before the Imperial College model was published, Italian health data showed that the coronavirus was terribly lethal to a very small subset of the population—the elderly infirm—and a minor health problem to nearly everyone else who was not already severely ill. The median age of coronavirus decedents in Italy was 80, and they died with a median of nearly three comorbidities, such as heart disease and diabetes. The lead author of the Imperial College model has admitted that up to two-thirds of all coronavirus fatalities would have died from their comorbidities by the end of 2020 anyway.

    Three months later, this profile of coronavirus casualties still holds true. Public health interventions could have been targeted at that highly vulnerable population without forcing the American economy into a death spiral.

  26. My 12 yr old daughter starting learning how to knit this year. I asked her to make me a mask. She is working on it.

  27. a 6 foot distance and don’t cough or sneeze in someone else’s direction; you know, basic manners & hygiene the western world has developed, and most of the people here from 3rd world shitholes haven’t.
    Right about now trying to teach them that would brobably bring up screams of ‘RACISM’.
    There’s the problem right there.

  28. I like the folks wearing the plastic face cover. It makes me feel so much better in the event I visit a salad bar without a sneeze shield.


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