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  1. The democRATS are so busy trying to justify their own bullshit the remind me of a cat trying to cover up it’s shit during a sand storm!

  2. They can’t help themselves. Melania’s dress is a code that for Women In White and a subtle jab at what a sexist pig her husband is. *This* is CNN.

  3. …but our last beauty queen first lady could at least drag her knuckles upon her grand entrance!

  4. Ryan Freudian Slip…

    I have the honor of preventing – presenting to you, the President of the United States.

  5. Was that a reallly looonnnnnng ovation, or what?!


    Cabinet looked so professional, not a bunch of glad-handing pols.

  6. The men leading him are grim looking men. down looking faces, They will kill you. These are his men. The deep state is on notice.

  7. Gonna make me cry! Honoring ordinary Americans just doing their jobs — and the “Legend of Louisiana.”

  8. Bad news for black racists, I guess. They do not applaud lowest level of black unemployment. In fact, they look pissed.

    They realize they will not be needed if they can’t sell misery.

  9. I hope many times the cameras catch the D leadership looking dour and mean. Just caught Nasty P. grimacing and holding her hands in her lap. Their hatred for Americans couldn’t be more palpable.

  10. LOWEst ever black unemployment, and the black Democrats refuse to applaud! There is a campaign commercial for any republican right there!

  11. Standing O for the “individual mandate is now gone!”

    Wouldn’t it be great if a cartoon house fell out of the ceiling on Nasty P.? lol

  12. I’ll go ahead and tell you Nazi Pelosivic’s response to President Bush’s speech. She didn’t like it.

  13. UH-OH! One escaped of the plantation and succeeded WITHOUT democrap interfer- I mean, “assistance.”

    CAN’T clap for THAT brutha! 😳

  14. He’s getting loud robust cheers. Wonderful. Making the democRats look stupid as the sit on thie brains.

  15. He is our President and he loves us.
    Why does anyone doubt him.
    What has he done to let us down, and do you think he will let us down ever?
    The man is True to his word.
    Hold the line and never ever forget that Trump is on our side.
    We are lucky that he ran, and won thanks to all of our support.

  16. Mark Levin was such a downer before this speech- I don’t know why I started listening to him again. He was as sour as Nancy P.

  17. We need a dem cam to show just how evil they are.
    When the camera happens to show them they sit on their hands for God, country, the flag and anthem.

  18. They are moving the plants from Mexico because DJT isn’t going to let them launder Chinese auto part imports through Mexican assembly plants using NAFTA! MAGA!

  19. How wonderful is it that we have a President who loves this country? This wonderful speech just brings home how beaten down we were, and how uplifted we are now.

  20. Democraps oughta be cheering that “right to try” for treatment for terminal patients. 937 year old Bernie Sanders, 863 year old Nancy Pelosi, 746 year old Hitlery, and 613 year old Schmuckles will NEED those treatments, soon! 😮

  21. O.k., the speech for the first half hour or so was “winning, winning, winning.” Now it’s time to outline next year’s winning.

  22. Love that gesture to the Dems –

    ‘What, can’t you even stand up for cheaper prescription drugs?’

  23. The right to try experimental drugs! Contrast that to the left’s right to assisted suicide. Our March For Life Pesident!

  24. Please, please get the price of insulin under control.
    It is insane.
    This is not something people can skip for awhile, or cut in half.
    It’s a tough life to think you’re going to run out of a drug that would mean you’re dead the next day.

  25. Look at that gorilla congressman face sitting next to nanny pelosi and senator from Maryland I can’t stand him S Hoyer .

  26. Ha! Dems look like they’re a oil painting!

    It’s obvious to any fair minded person who the problem is.

  27. OH NOES – “welfare, to work?!?!” Trump is freeing the democrap’s slaves again! THAT won’t go over well!

  28. OMG! The theme to True Grit has been running through my head all day! And now we have True American Grit!!

    This is just the beginning of year #2!! It’s gonna just get better and better! So long as we can keep the D’s preoccupied with side trips.

  29. Poor Republicans. They are starting to just keep standing so they don’t have to groan as they get up and down, up and down!

  30. I’m waiting to see if the criminals illegal aliens that are invited by the socialist DEMS to start making trouble.

  31. I think President Trump only said “I” four times so far, unlike Obumbles who talked more about himself than he did about our country.

  32. Brilliant. Minority victims of illegal immigrant crime. Who are the racists now, donkeys?

  33. As far as I can see there is not one man or woman that could do what he has done or is going to do.
    To all the people still on the fence get off the fence and realize he is the real deal and is our last hope.
    Has been from day one.

  34. That happens around the good area that my family have their home I know that area good. Suffolk C Long Island New York.

  35. Praying and grieving for victims of democRats policies. MS 13 is a curse. Thank God Trump is a president who will deal with this.

  36. The TRUTH! He is telling the truth! This might be the first time some of the listening audience has heard it. Dems want criminals instead of hardworking Americans.

  37. It is frightening to think what would have happened if HRC was President and MS-13. I suspect the plan all along was to use them as political enforcers, as well as get a cut of their crime take.

    Jeff Sessions took the threat as serious.

    And he mentions the WAll! MAGA!

  38. I can tell you by living in the swamp area trump will not get that the DEMS don’t want to end migration this people want open borders so nothing will happen.

  39. No catch and release, chain migration. Merit-based immigration. Long over due. Our sovereignty is crucial.

  40. Keep in mind that POTUS’s immigration reform is a starting point. If the D’s get shitty about it, things can get yanked off the table very easily.

  41. Trump is just kicking the stuffing out of Democrats.
    Good luck trying to explain your stupid policies.


  42. AA, exactly,
    “Congress has until March 5th to fix DACA and if they can’t I will”

    He only has one way to fix DACA.

  43. Never give up we will keep on winning that is all I hear.
    No matter how hard the problem we will beat it.
    True hope.

  44. What a beautiful story adopted a baby from a crack head . I love story like this no abortion. Only DEMS believes in killing babies.

  45. Ryan and Rebecca: pro-life America! They made a quick and lifelong choice to support a woman in crisis. That’s pro-choice!

  46. @ Mr. Pinko

    “Cory Booker didn’t clap to stop drug”

    And cut off his coke supplier? The horror.

  47. I love that black dad with the earrings and ironic glasses shaking the military man’s hand.
    Don’t know why. Just did.

  48. The best military in the world. The USA love it or leave .🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  49. Guantanamo isn’t closing. All the evil Muslim like the one Philadelphia yesterday that try to kill Americans with license from Virginia and car with tags from Maryland. Guantanamo is big enough for evil Muslim and the criminal that try to get trump send them all to Guantanamo.

  50. Guess what CNN is going to do with the Warmbier’s story? Accuse POTUS of politicizing a family’s tragedy, right? But they will be the ones doing what they accuse.

  51. “This city, this capitol, belongs entirely to them.”

    (shame on you dirty dog Democrats for sitting on your butts our monument in a show of disrespect for Americans)

  52. The United States of America – greatest nation on Earth. USA, USA, USA! Absolutely!!!

    We are Americans!

    Thank you, President Trump for being a humble servant.

  53. That last part was worth everything we went through these last few years. God bless President Trump. God bless America.

  54. I NEVER thought I’d live to see another President, the stature of Ronald Reagan.

    It’s early, but Trump IS getting there. 😀

  55. On air pundits are insufferable. I started on NBC. Ultra-Lib Brokaw is way past his expiration date. What an ass.

    Shep Smith sucks as well.

  56. Wow, the Korean guy holding up the crutches. Beautiful!
    Whew! So satisfying I need a cigarette now. And I never smoked ever.
    The stronger our country gets, the madder the Dems get.

  57. Grand Slam! Now the Dems will try to counter.
    What are they for? Poverty, terrorism, open borders, stagnant economy, etc? They are done.

  58. hey Whine Williams, how many ‘olive branches’ did O’Barky ever present to the repubs?

    “Get over it. I won”

  59. @Dan Ryan Galt

    Demons don’t pass out. They growl, then turn their head 180 degrees, and screech “Your mother sucks … hell.

  60. Thank you, President Trump. I cannot believe how much you’ve accomplished in a year. I was afraid our best days were behind us.

    O/T my grandson couldn’t pronounce “grandma” when he was tiny. He called me Maga. So when MAGA started showing up everywhere, I took it as a good omen. 😁❤️

  61. (Trump) “If you love America, please give a round of applause.”

    Camera pans to democrats who just sit there.

  62. Screw Kennedy. I want to hear HRH Maxine Waters, the Queen of Ignorance.
    I don’t have cable so the BET is out.

  63. Oh, we are racist. Didn’t see that coming. Who knew the DOJ was taking away people’s rights.


  64. The Kennedy grandson is taking shit immigrants shit is family are all cowards and is family make is millions by selling is sons.

  65. Oh, I’m sure she is capable of all of that and more Mortgage!

    I haven’t felt this good since I stayed up until 3:30AM on election night to make sure Mr trump won!

  66. Amen and applause. Happy dance. Now switching over to MSNBC for comic relief. My bet is on the memo to be released shortly before the morning shows go live tomorrow.

  67. Is this all these morons have? Call us racist.

    They are finished.

    So asshole. Most people”s taxes went down. Oh, you care about coal miners? Bull Shit!

    Oh, we are going to beat up gays too! LOL!

  68. Just what in country needs, another Kennedy! This little trust fund puke is exactly what he’s accusing Trump of being. What job has a Kennedy ever held?

  69. for those that are watching the demonRat ‘rebuttal’ …. I’ll save you some time …

    “Racist”, “Homophobic”, Islamophobic” …. basket of Deplorables
    … like a broken record

    you’re welcome

  70. Did you catch before he began speaking when he lifted the glass with what looked like Diet Coke up and winked at someone in the audience? He sure knows how to play them.

  71. That was a very incisive, emotionally inspiring speech.

    That sound we all heard was that of the democrats shitting their pants.


    Epic speech. Very Reaganesque.

  72. He’s fighting and choosing…
    Roads and bridges (put down the Obama speech reference guide)
    -has he said folks yet?

  73. The story of the Kennedy is a disgrace. This man is exactly like all is disgusting family. He need to shut up is trash ass He is really me mad I can’t take this fake ass Kennedy.

  74. I never want to hear one negative comment about Trump here ever again after that speech.( Not that I could do anything about it)
    That was a barn burner, make no mistake about it he is on point and more winning is on the way.
    Next up the “Memo” and more winning.

  75. Most people heard Trump’s speech, and Joe Kennedy is trying to immediately follow that. But you have to be completely ignorant if you fail to recognize that Kennedy hasn’t addressed one point Trump made.

  76. Wait, Trumps beating up Trans-genders and people are dying? He’s making an ass out of himself. Maxi Pad might have done a better job.

  77. Who the hell want’s to listen to Curly Locks? He speaks in spurts and makes no sense. Great speech Mr. President. God Bless you, your family, your cabinet, and America.

  78. MJA she saying impeach 45 impeach 45 at BET program with the Gorillas.👺👺🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

  79. It was obvious that the camera-men were instructed to minimize what
    the viewers could see of the Dems sitting, scowling.

    The quote to remember: “Americans are dreamers, too.”

  80. Any of y’all notice that Juanita Williams and VP Pence are wearing the same tie? That’s about the only thing they have in common.

  81. He’s a Kennedy. Shouldn’t he be raping a woman or drowning one, or beating one to death with a golf club?

  82. As an ex-submariner, I haven’t felt this way about a President since Reagan. Do you know what I mean? It comes down to this: would you volunteer to go to war with this President as Commander-in-Chief?

    Damn straight I would. Even at my age. He has more common sense and a purer heart than all the presidents since Reagan – combined.

  83. Brad, If they want to sit and not be part of the “we” that we graciously invited them into then fine. Go sit in your corner for 7 more years, at least. We are going to enjoy this prosperity.

  84. what Trump did tonight was ‘normalize’ himself to the American people … without the running vitriolic commentary from the socialtards
    yes, they’ll try to spin it … but who are you going to believe? socialtards? … or your lying ears & eyes?

  85. Someone else probably already said it, but 400 comments is a lot to go thru, “Americans are dreamers too”, is a great line!

  86. “Mr. Pinko, a Thursdy night show of US&eh this week? (Fingers crossed).”

    Thursday night’s show we have scheduled an interview with an illegal immigrant woman.

  87. Tonight, as I did on election night, I will sleep the sleep of the saved and contented, and awaken with a sense of gratitude that the good Lord gave this nation another day.

  88. US & Eh show is a great combination of Mr. Pinko’s raw take and Mike’s celebrate take on politics and current events today. Plus they are classy guys! Give it a listen this Thursday night at 8pm EST!

  89. I watched the speech with my oldest and youngest Manderins. PRESIDENT Trump just delivered body blow after body blow after body on the dems (Didn’t you love it when he would gesture to them to stand whenever he said something that THEY claim to support? LOL!) and the final kill shot was highlighting the North Korean with those crutches held high in victory. The place came unglued! PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump. That speech was GENIUS. #MAGAWOOD

  90. All the Kennedys look like Howdy Doody love children. Especially this one who’s not making any sense, just like a drunk girl.

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