Sounds Like We Lost a Good Man Today

PHenry writes-

We Lost an American Hero Today.

Bob Miller, Concrete Bob, succumbed to cancer today.  Some of you know Concrete Bob from his Protest Warrior days.  If you don’t, you need to.  He had become a dear friend of mine, but more importantly, a valiant warrior for our stateside troops and wounded warriors.

He was himself, a happy warrior.

I first met Bob at the gates of Walter Reed sometime around 2006, or thereabouts.  He had been driving up from Richmond every Friday night to do battle with Code Pink, who had a protest permit at those gates who were there to scream insults and stuff like ‘BABY KILLERS’ at the recovering soldiers who were well enough to take a bus ride out for a steak dinner compliments of a local restaurant.  He counter protested down the street, but was vigilant.   Every Friday.  For years.

One day he noticed that Code Pink had lazily let their permit lapse and he quickly seized it for the pro troops group, Protest Warrior, forever banishing Code Pink to obscurity.

We later met at Quantico when Code Pink was rallying in favor of the traitor, Bradley Manning.  We counter protested them and outnumbered them.  Then there was the time Code Pink was going to deface the Vietnam wall.  Bob was there leading the counterinsurgency.

When the Tea Party movement erupted he was always there.  The man was simply a patriot.

He organized the first welcome home Viet Nam vets parade in Richmond just a few years ago and I can tell you the tears that were shed that day by those forgotten souls who were never given thanks were streaming.

He organized Cooking With (not For) the Troops for many major events, including Walking Off the War, where returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans hiked the Appalachian Trail to get some semblance of their sanity back.  His BBQ was top notch and his love of his fellow vets was unequivocal.

A diminutive man of 5’6”, he TOWERED above me, but we became the best of friends.

Bob was a Vietnam vet Marine but we really never discussed his time in service.  He didn’t care about discussing it, although we spent plenty of time together.

I was blessed to have met this man and to spend some time with him.  There is more at


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  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend PHenr. All the things he did to battle the nasty Left- he was one heckava guy. 🇺🇸🙏

  2. PHenry
    A fitting tribute to honor your friend and a friend of all Veterans.
    Many have and will benefit from his selfless determination.
    May his family find comfort in Bob’s many accomplishments making life better for veterans through his caring advocacy.

  3. Just went into the pantry and what did I find? An unlabeled Ball jar with Concrete Bob’s homemade BBQ sauce. I guess a commemoration cookout is in order.

    Or should I hoard it? Ha.
    Bob wouldn’t stand for that.

    It’s tough to lose a hero like Bob though.
    Plus he’d send you naked girly pics and forget to add the NSFW label.

  4. Thanks for sharing this great man’s story, PHenry. I would have been glad to know him as well as you.

  5. You do know PHenry.
    Make no mistake. He is your friend.
    He tried two times to set up a get together with iOTW peeps. It never gelled.
    If it does happen it’s going to be because of PHenry.

  6. One Facebook comment said that Bob’s legal removal of code pinkos did as much to mend his mind as the surgeons did to mend his body at Walter Reed.

  7. Thank each and everyone of you.
    You’re very kind and we do need a get together.
    Holidays and mom’s 85th in February makes April probable. You in for northern Florida? Details will be top secret with Fur being the gatekeeper.

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