Sources Tell Jake Tapper That Al Franken is Announcing His Resignation

22 Comments on Sources Tell Jake Tapper That Al Franken is Announcing His Resignation

  1. Watching him now in the Senate. He came in on a crooked ballot and leaving under the cloud of shameful sexual assault.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. He never should have been there in the first place. Now we move on to ousting his replacement.

  2. He actually said “the coming weeks”, which is extremely vague.

    But this won’t change the senate, since Uber liberal governor Mark Dayton will appoint his replacement.

  3. He’s dragging his heels for a few more weeks hoping he can possible get a do over and also effect (negatively) President Trump’s agenda. Hey Franken, you’re done. LOL!!!

  4. If I were Frankin I would say I was elected not because I was perfect but to represent the people of MN (goat humpers, pedos, and homos), and soldier on. Let the voters recall him, this whole thing has turned into a witch hunt.

  5. He’s wounded now and doesn’t have the “no questions asked” protection of the Democrat/Ptogressive movement so now would be the time to start to re-investigate, quietly at first how he won the election in the first place. If cheating at the ballot box could be proved beyond a reasonable doubt or shown to be a valid theory then the Democrats would take a massive hit. If he resigns for being a sexual predator it’s way easier to believe that he would participate in cheating to get elected.

  6. I don’t buy his bullshit for one minute. This position means everything to him. He’s just stalling to get the heat off his nasty ass. He’s just seeing if the announcement will get the light off him till things settle a bit. They’ll have to pry the little bug out of there.

  7. Frankenstein was breathing and panting very heavily and was slurring his words much worse than DJT did yesterday, so I guess its confirmation that Frankenstein is in fact mentally unstable aside from being a rapist.

    Its a bad/sorry/pathetic strategy on the part of the demorats to think torching Frankenstein will require Trump and Moore to resign.

    Its not an act, nor is it some masterpiece of pulling the wool over the peoples eyes, the demorats are in fact as dumb, stupid, petulant, childish, moronic as they appear. They are truly shmucks. They are third string stumble bums. They suck. They are scumbags.

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