South Africa Rife with Politicians Lying about Their Qualifications

American Thinker:

The speeches are over, the marches have ended, the votes have been counted, and South Africa is in the same condition it was before the national election on May 8.  It is unlikely to continue another four years in its present condition.  The African National Congress (ANC) lost some seats, and the far left made a shocking advance.  The once great nation is in deep trouble, and each day, it slides even deeper.

South African mines, once leading producers, are producing far less than in recent years.  The transportation system is being deserted by riders because of thugs and sporadic schedules.  Rolling blackouts are commonly causing despair and disruption in the railway system and industrial complexes.  South African Airways is gasping for breath.  Agriculture is on a slippery slope, and food must be imported.  The educational system is in disarray.  Government bonds are almost rated as junk bonds; the rand is in a free fall.  Blacks and whites stand in line for jobs, with the matter made worse by the legal preferences of blacks over whites.  And thousands of white farmers have been butchered by black thugs who not only rob, but rape and torture and kill.

As if South Africa didn’t have enough trouble with crime, poverty, corruption at highest levels, unemployment, lack of housing, sporadic power, lack of water, racial tensions, declining economy, etc., now enters a major scandal as to qualifications for major officials.

Joe Samuels, chief executive of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), declared that fraudulent qualifications “are a problem on the African continent.”

Many African National Congress (ANC) officials lied about their degrees that qualified them for top government positions — with enormous perks and salary.  Daniel Mtimkulu, head of engineering services at PRASA, lied about having a Ph.D.  Former minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs Sicelo Shiceka lied about having a master’s degree, and Tembakaze Mnyaka lied about having a master’s degree in town planning.

Vincent Mdunge was spokesman for the South African Police Services (SAPS) and was sentenced to five years in jail for fraud.  It seems the top cop bought a fake Matric certificate (high school graduation diploma).

The aforementioned rail system is collapsing because of its irregular schedule (a result of scandal at the state-owned power system Eskom) and black thugs harassing and robbing passengers.  Now we are told that Daniel Mtimkulu, head of engineering, does not hold a doctorate in engineering from a German university.  SABC News reported that Mtimkulu was responsible for the purchase of 20 (other reports say 70) diesel locomotives from a Spanish manufacturer at a cost of six hundred million rand, but the trains are the wrong size for South African railways!  Mtimkulu denies it but has resigned under pressure.

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  1. ‘South Africa Rife with Politicians Lying about Their Qualifications”

    May I suggest that’s the least of their problems. Paraphrasing one of Mr. Ruark’s characters: “They’ve only just come down out of sleeping in the trees a few generations ago…”

    “Uhuru” and “Something of Value” If you can find either of them. Would suggest you start with “Something of Value.” But then I like anything with his name after the title line.

  2. Kinda reminds me of D.C., Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Houston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc, ,,,
    Sure this happened in “South Africa’?
    If so, Wow, they’ve not only caught up but learned how to be the same,,,

  3. Gosh, it seems like only 15 or 20 years ago, South Africa was a well-run, modern country without ANY of the problems the article mentioned. I wonder what went wrong?

  4. “…top government positions — with enormous perks and salary.”

    THAT’S the problem with ALL Govenment right THERE. “top government positions” should NOT come with “enormous perks and salary.” That’s all taxpayer money, and the Government produces NOTHING.

    …all this does is invite the most corrupt to be the most powerful.

    …put another way, you. NEVER want the people with all the money and the people with all the guns to be the SAME people.

    …that’s how Venezuela happens…

  5. when third world apes run the business, it either caters successfully to other third worlders or it implodes! South Africa (at one time) could feed the world…… now they need to import food, like cuba, venezuela, et. al. .

  6. OUR democrap party wants to rule over a banana republic – why should THEY be any different? 🙄


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