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South Africa runs out of water, Refuses Israel’s offer of water aid

Geller Report: Day Zero is rapidly approaching in Cape Town, South Africa. When Day Zero arrives, Cape Town will become the world’s first major city to run out of water. The people of Cape Town should blame South Africa’s corrupt government. The government of South Africa has chosen to appease the anti-Semitic BDS movement, and its growing Muslim population, by refusing to accept any help from Israel. Despite Israel being the world leader (by far) in water recycling, water preservation, water desalination, and drip irrigation, South Africa’s government has stubbornly refused to work with Israel. Pro-jihad President Jacob Zuma, who has ties to Hamas, would rather watch his citizens die of thirst before accepting help from Israel.

Israel, a country that is over 60 percent desert, is now the world’s preeminent water power. Israel has proudly shared its water expertise and technology with 150 countries, including many Muslim-majority countries in Africa. Israel’s water expertise has also been invaluable to Asia, particularly in countries such as India, China, and Vietnam. In late 2015, dozens of ecologists from 10 Latin American countries came to Israel to learn about Israel’s mastery of desalination and drip irrigation. In the United States, Israel’s cooperation with California, Nevada, Colorado, and many other states, has produced incredible results. Even the “Palestinian” Authority has benefited when working with Israel on water conservation. Israel has also provided water technology and training to Egypt and Jordan.

In 2016, South Africa was in the middle of their devastating drought, which was sure to cause the water crisis we are seeing today. Naturally there was significant discussion among certain South African officials about contacting the world’s leading water power (Israel) for help. In February 2016, a water conference was scheduled to take place in Johannesburg. The purpose of the conference was to provide South Africa with much needed education and assistance on issues related to water conservation. Unfortunately, the BDS movement then went in for the kill and successfully lobbied the South African government to cancel the water conference due to Israel’s participation.  MORE

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  1. They refused help and advice from Israel but it appears they listened and fully embraced the guidance from some California politicians and got the expected results.

  2. I’m sure this is the result of climate change, but what a grand opportunity for the Paris Accord signators to step up & provide billions in aid to these shithole third world countries.
    Such a shame they won’t be able to deplete the U.S. coffers. 😢 😂

  3. South Africa sealed their fate years ago when they surrendered to the ANC and leftist world pressure. This is just another death rattle.

  4. They never learned their lessons from the Soviets, did they?

    Old joke from the Cold War: What would happen, if the Soviets took over the Mojave Desert?

    For the FIRST 75 years, NOTHING would change. After that, they’d start running OUT of sand. 😳

  5. It’s what has happened to every African country and American city that ceded white control to blacks. Predictable.

  6. Wakanda third world bullshit is that? It seems like just yesterday that Barky was snapping selfies with the euro elites at Mandela’s opulent apotheosis shindig. Mmm, mmm, mmmm….

  7. I don’t want to see any telethons to save the poor South African children. And no US aid. Call me heartless but stupidity has a price.

  8. Will the last white person out of South Africa please turn off the water? Oh, wait… How about turning off the lights, then? They still have those, right?

  9. “African immigrants are better educated than native-born Americans. 42% of African immigrants have a bachelor’s degree or higher; 33% of Americans do. Immigrants from Nigeria? 60.9%.

    Racism depends on ignorance. And at a time when knowledge is available instantly and for free, ignorance is increasingly a matter of choice.

    No one is forced to watch Fox and Friends.”

    How about all those African smarty-pants stay home and fix their shit, instead of coming here to vote for Democrats?

  10. I can imagine Dave Chappelle’s Crackhead Character saying

    “Ya’ll go any of that Apartheid Left?”

    (Yes, simply pick up the White Courtesy Phone)

  11. South Africa – Afrikaans for “Shit-hole.”

    Mandela was Slovo’s puppet. And Slovo was Moscow’s puppet. Together they destroyed a thriving country. The sad part is, everyone simply averts his eyes, hoping that no one realizes the depths of depravity to which South Africa has sunk, and makes the mistake of putting it into racial terms. It’s no longer in the press because of people’s penchant for seeing African (and Central and South American and Central and Eastern Asian) shit-holes as racially-centered shit-holes rather than socialist-centered shit-holes.
    The mavens of the Fourth Estate (and the Fifth Column) are absolutely certain in their racist prejudices and assume that everyone else is, as well. And they have the added incentive of protecting the socialist/totalitarian/nihilistic nature of those regimes for their own personal pleasure.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. “Pro-jihad President Jacob Zuma, who has ties to Hamas, would rather watch his citizens die of thirst before accepting help from Israel.”

    Yeah, so would I. The only good muslim is a dead muslim.

  13. But on the plus side, they got rid of all that white oppression; now they can go back to their mud huts and kralls, and be ‘one’ with nature.

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