South African City Moves Forward With Land Seizure Policy

DC: South African city Ekurhuleni is preparing to seize without compensation land from private landowners as the country’s officials consider the legality of seizing land from white land owners.

Ekurhuleni’s city council voted in September to move forward on a plan distributing land more equitably among the city’s white and black population, The Associated Press reported Friday. White South Africans comprise 8 percent of the population but hold the bulk of privately-owned land.

South Africa temporarily withdrew in August an expropriations bill enabling the country to make compulsory land purchases from white farmers to redress racial disparities rampant during the apartheid. It was withdrawn to pave way for a potential constitutional amendment allowing the government to expropriate land without pay.

The Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party crafted the bill as part of a so-called “land reform” program to even what some reports show is a disparity in property ownership between the black majority and white minority.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa — and his party, African National Congress (ANC) — reassured lawmakers in March that any redistribution program would be done in a way that does not disrupt normal farming operations. ANC widely supports an amendment authorizing expropriation.

Some lawmakers in the Democratic Alliance (DA) party, along with agricultural economists, worry the program could suffer the same fate as one Zimbabwe created in the early 2000s, which effectively seized land from white farmers. more here

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  1. I have no clue what these ‘white’ farmers are facing, their history nor their future.
    I have no idea if these ‘white’ farmers are armed or not.
    Not being compensated is absolute BULLSHIT.
    Possibly it is smart to escape with your life and if there is another alternative…I’m not aware of it.

    Worse case scenario….let the phuckers have the land and watch, (from a distance), while they slowly descend back to their stone age ignorance….much like the phucking islamists.

    Spelling and lack of ‘capitalization’ is intentional.

  2. Even the Zulus don’t want white farmers ruined because they know the zulu will starve. The bantu must be an two standard deviations below Congolese cannibal pygmies not to understand they will stArve tp death. Not Ramophosa mond you, he will steal all he can from the EFFer commies and beat feet.

  3. You could see this coming when they elevated the scumbag bomber Nelson Mandela into a socialist icon.
    We’re looking at national suicide just as we saw with Rhodesia.
    If the dems have their way they’ll do it here too, and they’re having a lot of success. We’re reaching a tipping point.

  4. Send in our military.Establish an air base.
    Then go door to door and round up every last
    Boer and bring them to America.For every Boer
    we parachute in 100 Chicago pavement apes to
    replace him.

  5. Every county ever rued by blacks has devolved into tribalism. I saw this coming when the deamoncrats put Mandela into power.

  6. Where’s the outrage over abusing the “minority” in SA?
    Where’s the outrage over expropriation?

    Hope we’re paying attention; this is EXACTLY what the Demonrats want here.
    Listen (or read) their pseudo-socialistic (but mostly) totalitarian boilerplate decrying the “haves” and the “have-nots” and the suggested violence against any philosophical opposition.
    They brook NO argument – you either goose-step march in lockstep or you are anathematized.

    Give em the fukkin land – get out with your lives! Fly, you fools!
    Re-group, re-arm, re-take.
    A single Battalion of Marines could subdue that shithole (not that that’s an option).

    The honkies and crackahs of SA were abandoned by the World decades ago – this is just the last, bloody chapter in an epic betrayal.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Legality? These are communists. They define their own “legality”. And then they starve. Peace and God bless.

  8. @RADIOATIONMAN/,etc.: I would pay as much money as I could possibly afford (and maybe a bit more) to see that scenario play out. But I would want front-row seats in return.

    P.S. – Don’t worry – I’ll bring my own popcorn.


  9. “Give whites a pile of bricks
    and you get a city.
    Give blacks a city and you get
    a pile of bricks.”
    Sad but true.

  10. Salt the earth and poison the wells. Infect the livestock with disease. Burn it all to the ground.

    Anyone still hanging around in SA thinking that the world community was going to ride to their rescue has horseshit for brains.

    A farmer can move and grow food almost anywhere. Marxists can only sow despair and reap poverty.

    Congratulations, dumbfucks. You’re now the proud owner of a farm. Which is like the opposite of winning the lottery. Now drag your “16 year old war veterans” asses out of bed at 3:30 am and skillfully work 18-20 hour days while balancing your budgets so your country isn’t starving to death in 6 months.

    They’ll soon find out that their new yellow overlords have more strings attached than a marionette show.

  11. Give it back to them…only as SCORCHED EARTH! Fuck ’em! It will stay that way till they starve to death.

  12. It sounds like they’re selecting the easiest white land to steal, so it becomes routine. Very sick. It’s nothing but reverse racism, and kleptocrats like Malema are ginning up hatred merely to line their own pockets. The Boer should be considered refugees by our state department, and be allowed into America.


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