South African President Calls For Confiscating White-Owned Land


South Africa’s neighbor Zimbabwe has enacted similar legislation that has allowed the government to seize white-owned land without compensation. Malema has praised Zimbabwe’s action numerous times, but the move cost the country billions of dollars in lost production and led to a wide-scale agricultural collapse.

South African president Jacob Zuma this week called for the confiscation of land owned by white people in his country — without any restitution made to the Caucasian property owners.

In a speech given Friday morning, Zuma said the proposal would be the result of establishing a “pre-colonial land audit of land use and occupation patterns” that would determine what land needs to be taken. The move would require an overwhelming majority in parliament to change the law to allow the expropriation, according to The Telegraph.

“We need to accept the reality that those who are in parliament where laws are made, particularly the black parties, should unite because we need a two-thirds majority to effect changes in the constitution,” the South African president argued.

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  1. They do the same thing here. The gov just says some endangered spider, or what ever critter or plant, lives in a hole on your property and you cannot use the land.

    Geez, where I live we can’t get the state road department to clean out a drainage ditch to keep the road from flooding. They can’t clean it out until after some environmental guy checks the ditch and declares it free of some endangered worm or something. I guess the lonely critter is sol when a rain storm flushes out the ditch.

  2. La Raza main agenda is send all Caucasians back to Europe. It’s part of their Manifesto. The new head of the DNC is a big time La Raza guy. Conservatives in California have learned a long time ago never trust a Liberal Mex.

  3. I have white friends from Zimbabwe. It was hell for them to get their children out after the Takeover.

  4. That’s just what we need, Indians and mexicans at war with each other. Let’s get back to basics.

  5. Salt the ground and leave. If not for European and American ingenuity and charity Africa would be a de-populated zoological preserve by now. All cultures are NOT created equal.

  6. @Dr. Tar: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, in their right mind in Africa would make a move against DeBeers. You don’t kill the goose that lays the golden (or in this case, diamond) eggs.

  7. Lovely folks those Black Africans! Kick out the whites and go back to being a primitive dump in the woods crap hole!

  8. I was wondering where Sharpton been for the past few months.

    Kidding aside, I was afraid this would happen but hoping it wouldn’t if only because of the misery and destruction it will bring to everyone. If this goes forward what happened in Zimbabwe will be repeated on a grand scale with that country turning into an empty shell filled with starving people. Tribal hatreds and rivalries will return with machine guns instead of spears. De Beers won’t be safe because as the country treasury is emptied out and no other country will lend them money (except maybe China) they will turn to take the mines. De Beers is probably starting to fly their massive diamond stock have out already (assuming it’s not already flown) and is deciding whether to cut a deal or just leave and wait for the collapse, the civil war(s) and the peace then buy the new government.

    I wonder if the President actually looks at Zimbabwe for lessons or is he like the liberal that seeing that socialism has never worked keeps saying that it’s only because they haven’t tried it.

  9. Yeah, I’m not in favor of dropping food out of a plane for these people when the land turns to crap and they have to eat their leather. This is why starving children in Africa ads have no effect on me. I’ll pray for you, but you don’t get a dime out of this bitch. Learn to storm the castle and fix your government. Good luck.

  10. We have longtime family friends in South Africa. The parents, the kids (who are in my age range, with spouses and kids of their own) are likely to move to the Netherlands, home of their ancestors. They’ve actually never been there before and consider themselves South Afrikaners, “natives,” if you will. But they think soon they will have no choice.

    So do you get that, all you illegals in America, who dragged your little “dreamers” here against the law? If legal, native-born whites in South Africa have to leave, then so do you. IWhat is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  11. Get the whites Out now, so we can get moving with some black on black Violence . We can use the fields as Gorilla fighting headquarters, eating the last seeded plants of the White farmers enstead of planting the seeds.

  12. I agree with outdoorjohn and justal,
    Prep as much as you can ahead of time to move your liquid assets out of the country. When the natives come knocking at your door, trip your traps, destroy your equipment, and “salt” the land – which doesn’t mean that you have to use actual salt. Insecticide and herbicide – 55+ gallon drums – either shoot as you flee, or set off small charges – to flood and destroy the land.
    That’s my attitude and I’m stickin’ to it.

  13. From what I’ve read and been told, Rhodesia even with the world against them did not too badly in terms of I infrastructure and supplies. It wasn’t a picnic, but I’m thinking it’s better than how RSA will do after all the whites leave. Even black Africans know their leaders are too corrupt and incompetent to be there.

  14. Ther’es no need to Salt the land , this has happened before & they couldn’t grow profitably to save their lives.

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