South Bend Residents Have a Message for America: Don’t Elect Pete Buttigieg

PJM: South Bend, Ind., is a grimy industrial city of 100,000 people located on the St. Joseph River. It’s known for being the “home” of  Notre Dame University — which isn’t really true since Notre Dame is technically located in Notre Dame, Indiana.

But South Bend, whose second claim to fame is the Studebaker National Museum downtown, is the home of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. The highly ambitious Buttigieg is seeking the presidency despite serving two terms as mayor of a small city.

A job that most would see as entry-level employment in politics as a stepping stone to the presidency? That’s sort of like a burger flipper applying for the CEO position at McDonald’s.

There are many South Bend residents who wonder about that too.

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  1. Don’t elect any democrat or you get what liberalism brings, nothing good, a lot of misery, unemployment, high housing costs, illegals and criminals roaming the streets and getting preferential treatment. But hey maybe you’ll get your 99 weeks of unemployment and some substandard free crap.

  2. Presidential survey for Pete
    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

  3. He shows every time he speaks what an insufferable prick he is. Even the demonrats are sick of his all-knowing condescending bullshit. And he DOES look like Alfred E. Newman.

  4. If Petey B doesn’t win the White House, that just means we’ll have more time for him to hide his pickle!

  5. I did work in South Bend a few years ago, I guess when Pete was mayor. One of the most depressing cities I’ve been in in quite a few years.

  6. @Tommy

    Lots of depressing things these days – the pervs and homos are solidly entrenched in the military now – I thought it would be a bastion of normal, conservative people. Our cities are full of weirded-out liberal neurotics, the small towns and farms are awash in drugs and sex perverts. People getting tatted up and screwing anything that moves. Young children being taught in school to do the nasty. Shit for Entertainment. Messed up lying sacks of puke out for the democratic nomination. Not sure if Clint Eastwood has gone over to the liberal camp or not. More depressing news if he does.

    There is only one thing left: pray to God to keep us safe.

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