South Carolina: Katie Arrington Defeats Mark Sanford In GOP Primary Hours After Trump Endorsement

DC: Republican congressional candidate Katie Arrington defeated South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford in the GOP primary Tuesday night hours after an endorsement from President Donald Trump.

Arrington, a state representative and businesswoman, defeated Sanford, in the primary race with 51.2 percent of the vote, running as a strong advocate for Trump’s agenda. Sanford, a vocal opponent of Trump, told a crowd of supporters before the race was officially called that he was “going to lose this race,” with 46 percent of the vote.

Trump called out Sanford hours before the election, in reference to when he was caught lying about a trip to Argentina in 2009, when he disappeared with his mistress while serving as the governor of South Carolina. Sanford later resigned after the news broke of his affair, he originally claimed his travel was related to hiking the Appalachian trail.  MORE HERE

8 Comments on South Carolina: Katie Arrington Defeats Mark Sanford In GOP Primary Hours After Trump Endorsement

  1. S.C. keeps electing Miss Lindsay Graham, too.
    Or so the Uniparty Machine tells us, after “they” count the votes.

    S.C. has some odd anomalies, including a large mostly low-income/low-information tribalist black vote, snowbird retirees from the Northeast who vote Dem by default, and a long history of corrupt precinct ballot tampering.

    All of this enabled him to keep getting “elected” despite his lying Argentina disappearance (drug binge & adultery).

    Sanford failed to get with MAGA. Now he’s a lame duck.

    MAGA, baby. Or bust.

  2. I am a South Carolinian, but not from Sanford’s district. Glad to have seen him gone from the governor’s house and glad he is gone from his Charleston area district.

    Now as for Graham, I admit I originally voted for him, but have voted against him in every primary since….while voting for him against the D. I just cannot vote for a D. I guess better 1/4 – 1/2 a republican than a D.

    I truly have no idea when we will be able to get rid of Graham. He is now establishment entrenched to well and has too many $$$$$$ backing him.

    Clyburn has the I-95 corrider of shame gerrymandered district carved out to ensure that there will always be a black demonrat from that district in the House of Representatives.

  3. He must really hate Trump’s political views, because he certainly has no claim to the moral high ground. Maybe Gowdy can get sad sack Sanford a K Street gig.

  4. Lied
    Cheated on his wife
    Uncle Tommed against Trump

    Will the comedy of errors ever end for this guy?

  5. I have a problem. According to Conservative Review’s scorecard, Mark Sanford has a 93% voting record. I know only a little about S.C. politics, but they have not impressed me for several decades. Sanford sounds pretty conservative to me. I voted for Trump in the primary and for President, but I think he needs to keep his wagon out of the ditch.


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