South Carolina Senate Votes to Add Firing Squad as Option for Execution

WJ: South Carolina legislators trying to fix a loophole in the state’s death penalty law have passed a bill that would give inmates the option to choose being executed by a firing squad.

The bill passed the state Senate last week by a vote of 32-11, with all of the chamber’s Republicans and some of its Democrats supporting the proposal, according to the Washington Examiner.

The bill now goes to the House. Gov. Henry McMaster has said he would sign the legislation, according to The State. more

16 Comments on South Carolina Senate Votes to Add Firing Squad as Option for Execution

  1. Victims family’s should get an automatic slot in the squad if they want it… Lottery for the rest.


  2. Interviewer: “What’s your occupation.”
    Executioner: “I get to shoot evil people through the heart.”

  3. My Petey B joked once that if he was ever sentenced with the death penalty he’d want to hang from the gallows of my unbleached elastic starfish!

  4. DISCLAIMER – I have kin at PG+E

    15 years ago I volunteered to shoot GWB’s BFF “Taliban Johnny”!

    Johnny’s dad was an EXVP at PG+E an played tennis wit GWB. He got a stern lecture for killling John Spane!

    Since Taloban Johnny is free; it should be clear my offer was refused!
    F GWB and his “ROP” buddies!

  5. Jurors should have an optional “Feed to sharks” selection for heinous crime. The. full cost of paying for a clown for life should printed for the jury. Taxpayers have no say currently.

  6. Needs to be done at Halftime of the Super Bowl. The right audience is watching and might get the message.

  7. No Momma Obama – Yer shootin a might low! The TV rights would command big money! Sell it to the highest bidder!

  8. “Chasten’s Unbleached Elastic Starfish” You aren’t going to quit, are you? You are pressing on my last nerve.

  9. Adding a firing squad is one thing, using it is another. Same with Old Sparky.

    “Let’s do It!”
    -Gary Gilmore, 1977

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