South Carolina woman who gouged out her own eyes while high on meth receives first prosthetic eyeballs


The horrific incident made headlines around the world

A woman from Anderson, South Carolina, who made international headlines after she gouged her eyes out during a shocking meth-induced psychotic episode in 2018 has received a pair of prosthetic eyeballs.

The Sun reports that Kaylee Muthart was 20 years old when she ripped out her own eyes, squishing them with her hands after snorting and injecting tainted methamphetamine, while a horrified onlooker tried to restrain her.

Muthart believed at the time that if she plucked her eyes out, she would save the world.

“The drugs take your fears and beliefs and amplify them,” she told People magazine nearly a year after the terrifying incident. “I thought I had to take my eyes out to survive and save the world.”

She was rushed to hospital, where doctors informed the young woman that she would be blind for the rest of her life. more

21 Comments on South Carolina woman who gouged out her own eyes while high on meth receives first prosthetic eyeballs

  1. Or they could have given them to a soldier who needed them instead…

    Great choice assholes!

  2. There was a marine officer years ago who’d lost an eye. He had 2 glass eyes made, one a skull & crossbones and the other an american flag. {True story} This girl should have both glass eyes that read vacancy.

  3. Hard to feel sorry for her, or be happy that she received prosthetic eyes, when there are so many who are so more deserving than her. Forgive me Lord.

  4. The eyes have it or not. Why does she need prosthetic eyes when she’s blind? She should just wear sunglasses and be like Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder. And what kind of idiot gouges her own eyes out. Speed kills or maims you for life.

  5. I remember news articles back in the late 60′ and 70’s where some idiot who smoked PCP gouged out his own eyes every year or so. Others put guns to their heads and blew out their brains. I knew one who did that. Some stabbed themselves to death. I thought anyone who touched that stuff was a crazy fool.

  6. I never heard this and I’m living in SC. And… I had a different reaction than my distinguished fellow IOTWers. I completed a rehab program after I felt my wine intake was messing with my cognitive matter (plus I didn’t want to wind up like HRC or Sloejoe).

    It broke my old heart since my inmates were 90% <30. I was also stunned. The depravity that ensues, and when strong role models aren’t present and drugs are everywhere, the destruction becomes untenable. They looked at me in complete disbelief when asked if they snorted coke – just shoot up and smoke – and that’s the mild stuff. They have a whole different language, and some were smart but had no one who cared and nowhere to go. Most were tremendously resilient and sadly vulnerable.

    I guess good for her for crawling out of hell and finding God and I pray her sobriety.

  7. You Paid for it Gunny.

    You and all the workin class.

    We always do.

  8. Damn, us good guys already pay for ‘clean needles’ and ‘narcan’

    If there is ANYTHING else we can help you with in your self-destructive life style….Just let us know. /s

  9. playing Devil’s advocate here … but isn’t a ‘prosthetic eye’ basically the same as a glass eye? I mean, this isn’t some sort of ‘sight restorer’, it’s just fake eyes … & pretty sure it’s a common thing w/ people w/out eyeballs

    & usually the Foundation for the Blind pays for this … very good charitable organization

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