South Dakota Governor Declines Federal Funding For Unemployment Boost, Cites State’s Economic Rebound – IOTW Report

South Dakota Governor Declines Federal Funding For Unemployment Boost, Cites State’s Economic Rebound

Daily Wire: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) has declined to accept additional federal funding for the $400 weekly unemployment insurance boost, which the Trump administration recently extended via an executive memorandum.

In a statement released on Friday evening, the Republican governor thanked President Donald Trump for his unilateral executive action in the face of congressional gridlock, but maintained that the Mount Rushmore state is in the “fortunate position” to not need it.

“South Dakota’s economy, having never been shut down, has recovered nearly 80% of our job losses,” said Noem in a statement Friday. “South Dakota is the only state in the nation that didn’t have extended benefits kick in because our insured unemployment rate has been the lowest in the nation.” more here

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  1. I say she’s a major player in 2024. She won’t have a shitrat like Steve Schmidt stabbing her in the back. I think Pence has been a good VP but I don’t want to see him run in 2024.

    This woman is a natural.

  2. A true conservative with libertarian (small ‘l’) leanings. Thanks, Mr. Trump, but we can do it ourselves and don’t need the feds.

    @MMinAR – I do wish we had a Republican with her backbone in our state (Colorado). I am going to back off that a little, we do have a few of them (hoping Ms. Boebert can manage to do something), but they are held back by the weak-willed, spineless Colorado GOP establishment

  3. I like how you all think. Just imagine the first female President of the UNITED STATES being a beautiful, conservative Republican and white ta boot!…..The left will be shitting prickly pear kittens…..

  4. In other news of South Dakota: Sturgis Police protect ANTIFA from bikers’ response to kicking a bike. We need to organize as well. For example; bar from far end of town calls police to report 30 – 40 bike fight in his bar with shots fired. 80% of Bikers head in that direction to break-up, but also police. 20% left delay p0lice, grab purpled haired soi-boy and gender confused gang, unmask and strip for any and all markings, pierces, and tats. Then Doxx and deal with their homes, landlords, and parents.

    Do not discount an attempted false flag incident on at least one of George Soros paid useful idiot/martyrs against Patriots.

  5. After the back stabbing of Tom Tancredo by the GOPe RogerF(he would have been the best gov in the nation at that time) that and legalizing reefer were the last straws for me. I saw the writing on the wall having lived in a once solid red CO since 1970. I left.

  6. @MMinAR – good for you. I keep thinking about it, but with so many roots here, it hasn’t happened yet. Fortunately, I do retire in the next 5 years, or so, which means it will probably happen sooner, rather than later.

  7. MMinAR and RogerF….4th generation Coloradan, 3rd generation Denver area. I’ve been gone 5 years now and don’t miss Colorado a lick….I won’t go back again except maybe for some funerals….

  8. This is one seriously good looking woman.

    And a strong smart independent conservative!

    Bet she could kick the living shit out of Turdeau.

  9. @ Ulysses Toole AUGUST 16, 2020 AT 6:45 PM

    A bunch of shitbag hippies showed up in Augusta durring rodeo weekend. This was back in the 1960s. The locals use a couple pair of hand sheep shears to give them a haircut and then sheep dipped em before lassoing and dragging them half way to Bowmans corner on foot behind a couple saddle horses.

    They were let know that it could have been much worse for them if it were branding time, could have had their nuts cut off, a few notches cut in their ears and a nice big brand on their hip before being cut loose.

  10. She is showing no fear in being the first serious contender to replace our PDJT after his next term. She is smart and business savvy, just like Trump and from what I read a strong conservative. No one else as gov other than Santos in Fl gets a look by me, he wants a second term as gov in 2 years, and former Sen Rick Scott was a decent gov and has some quality traits, but I do not think he would be an effective Pres, just my opinion, Gov Noem has the lead for first in line.

  11. @Kcir … “Bet she could kick the living shit out of Turdeau.”

    setting the ‘kick the living shit out of’ bar a little too low, aren’t we? 😉

  12. @ Moaon AABE

    Yes, I Am.

    Nobody up here seems to be able to do it politically or legally.


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