South Korea Says U.S. Working ‘Very Actively’ To Restart Talks With North Korea

OAN Newsroom-

South Korean officials are saying the U.S. is working ‘very actively’ in an effort to restart denuclearization talks with the Korean peninsula.

South Korea’s National Security Advisor Chung Eui-yong said Sunday that North Korea is reportedly taking the one-year negotiating deadline with the Trump administration very seriously.

The adviser went on to say that a third summit will only be possible if substantial progress is made during talks with high-ranking officials.

“Only if talks between high-rank officials happen and lead to substantial progress, will the third North Korea-United States summit be possible,” stated Chung Eui-yong. “As you know, the North side has shown the year-end deadline — considering that position of the North Korean side, we are closely coordinating with the U.S. side.”

This comes after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un imposed a year-end deadline back in April for the U.S. to demonstrate flexibility on negotiations. North Korean officials said the deadline would be a mistake to ignore. read more

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  1. Trump counted on support from Congress to push NK deal. China, on the other hand, reined-in Kim, betting that Trump will be weak and without support. When Trump wins 2nd term they might be open to negotiation again…or they may just wait another 4 years and plan for a breakdown of US under civil strife.

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