Southwest Captain brings his Dad (Col. Roy Knight) back home! – IOTW Report

Southwest Captain brings his Dad (Col. Roy Knight) back home!

Coming home…

I recommend that you give this a look.


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  1. Could not watch. Too many years in the service witnessing humble heroes sacrifice their lives for a mostly grateful nation full of ungrateful leaders.

  2. Mouth wide open. I had heard about this but did not see a vid.

    He looks just like his dad may he now rest in final peace and the family has some resolution.

    There still is some dignity turns out.

    Kudos to the team of people that is takes to find our MIA’s.

  3. Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto,
    Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

  4. …my own father was in the air force well before I was born, as a navigator on a C-124 Globemaster towards the end of Korea and got out before Vietnam. He attained the rank of Captain, but went home to marry my mother and raise me and 3 other brats in a boring old civilian occupation working with those newfangled “computer” gizmos. I saw pictures of him in his fight jacket and cap, his decorations and dress blues, and he had a map in his den showing how he crisscrossed the Pacific Rim on a regular basis, to and fro to the US Left Coast, in a plane known for being shakey even when in good trim. I could get him to talk about the joys of navigating by LORAN and some stuff about some of the places he’d been, but despite his years of service he wouldn’t go into details about it with the younger me, whether because I couldn’t understand or because he didn’t want to get into details about any premarital escapades with Pac Island babes with Moms around, I do not know. To my everlasting shame, I could not follow him into the service because I had a mere GED when I took the ASVAB, and the recruiter told me it wasn’t good enough at the time.

    My dad never made me feel the less about it, though, and we spent a lot of time around nearby Wright Patt when a plane itch needed scratched, and he and Mom stayed in the Civil Air Patrol until they both got too busy with us.

    I was just about killed at his funeral when my mom got the flag folded into the cocked hat and the words “On behalf of a grateful nation…”, so I can’t even IMAGINE what the younger Knight was going through to fly his own father home 52 years after seeing him off, to the SAME FIELD he left from. Amazing man to be able to captain his plane with such a cargo on board. As a son of a departed father, I can tell you it NEVER gets easier, but that man did his father proud in what he became, and as our children are our TRUE legacy, Col. Knight is proven a fine man indeed.

    Godspeed, Colonel. And God bless your son, your legacy, and this nation you died fighting for. This Country was unworthy of your loyal service then, but may the Lord heal it that it may be worth your children’s children’s service in future.

    Thanks to BFH for carrying this story. I had someting in my eye when I watched it the first time.
    Once I got something out of my eye…as the son of a serviceman…I could REALLY cry….

    …here’s more if you want it…

    God bless,

  5. 5 years old the last time he saw his dad leave for war. Flys him home in his employer’s jet, decades later.

    It hurts, but I don’t trust ad agencies these days.

  6. My son in law’s grandfather was an Air Force Major who flew F-101’s and was shot down by a SAM missile about 1966 or 67. He was MIA until the end of the end of the war in 1973 when the war ended and the pilots who were held by the N. Vietnamese were released from their captivity. Unfortunately he wasn’t one who survived but his body was sent back to the USA and he was buried at Arlington national cemetery. All of us who served during the Vietnam era gave some but some gave all like my son in law’s grandfather.

  7. Funny how much progress is finally being made returning our MIA’s after the scumbucket McCain has left the stage.

  8. Gotta stop chopping onions when I read stories like this.

    And I’m grateful Captain Knight wasn’t flying a Boeing 737MAX


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