Soy Faces

NOT a soy face


The bizarre new affliction sweeping America.


11 Comments on Soy Faces

  1. lol Aharte, Hillary usually holds the invisible dick. It’s all “Look ma, no hands!” with these boys.

  2. that’s it! … no more synthetic stocks on my babies!

    lessee …. the Mossberg ….. the Marlin …. the tricked-out SKS …. change out a couple of pistol grips …. damn! & I wanted to go shooting this weekend!

  3. Damn, now I’m gonna be self conscious when I make my Gyoza dipping sauce which is just Soy sauce and Wasabi in equal parts.

  4. Wait a fucking second…did that soiboi just say that after his vasectomy that his **WIFE’S** **BOYFRIEND** got him a present?


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